Thursday, 5 December 2013

That Cute Little Touch. *Winter Style!*

That Cute Little Touch, Winter Edition!

WOW! So its the 5th of December, Hope everyone has got there advent calenders out and ready! How exciting! 
I once wrote an article called "That Cute Little Touch!" , and today i had a thought, Christmas is such a magical time, and it is all the small things that add to the magic! I love the little decorations around the house and on the Christmas Tree! So i wanted to do "That Cute Little Touch" Winter Edition!

There are just some of the cutest decorations out there. Here is one i found online , simply by searching , "Christmas Decorations Vintage Style" . It is the cutest, decorative bird box, with sweet Christmas details! At Only £14.95 , it is the loveliest secret little Christmas gift for yourself! Or maybe for friends or family. Click here for the website!

From the same website is this adorable Shabby Chic style Christmas Star! The Tradition says it is supposed to bring Good Luck, Which is simply a bonus! Click Here!

At the Amazing Price of £3.95!!

However, there are ways to make the most gorgeous decorations, and have fun doing it too! You could revamp an old bauble by decoupaging it!

                        What a sweet idea is this? Just such a gorgeous bauble!!

                     You Can even add a personal touch, with something you like!

You can also make Star decorations to hang from the Christmas tree! 
They are so easy to make and co lovely!
I LOVE the music notes decoupage idea!

If you want to know how to make the cute Stars to hang from your tree, then Click Here, this is a sweet little site, where i found the image and it tells you everything you need to know!

Next up is some of the most lovely Christmas bunting ever! It is just simply the sweetest!
It is £12.95 , i think it would just lighten up any room you want to be honest!

Of course , you can challenge yourself and make bunting!! I am no professional when it comes to sewing, but even i have managed to make some lovely bunting in the past! 
It is a lot more simple then people may think!
I will have ago at explaining it to you!
(For a short bunting , of 5 triangles)

1. Cut out ten triangles , out of your chosen material.
2. Put the Triangles into pairs and lay them , with the material front facing inwards on top of each other.
3. Sew (by hand or by sewing machine) around the two triangles, but not the top!
4. Like what you do when you have an inside out sock,  make the triangles so they aren't inside out. (Told you i would give ago at explaining it! Never said it would sound professional haha, That is just how i always think of it!)
5. Iron each triangle so they have no creases in them!
6. Get some think ribbon, and pin the triangles to it..
~Lay the ribbon out on a flat surface.
~Lay each triangle an equal amount of distance away from each other across the ribbon. Each Triangle you lay, place it in the middle of the ribbon, so you have ribbon to fold over.
~Fold over the other half of the ribbon and pin it.
~Then simply sew along the ribbon and hey presto , they you have it!
So Sorry if you don't understand my instructions! Sure there are better instructions out on the web, but there is no harm in having ago at it!

Anyway My Vintage Sweet Hearts , it was lovely talking to you all, thank you for reading, i hope it helps you have a gorgeous, magical ,vintage Christmas! Leave any comments below, on any exciting Christmas plans , or decoration ideas! I would love to hear from you all! You could also post a Christmas of your Christmas decorations on our Facebook Page, to share the joy of Christmas Decorations further!

Lots of Love to you all, Hope you all have an exciting December!
Buttercup x