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Christmas Special!


Merry Christmas my vintage lovelies! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. 

We have a little treat for you all, a Christmas special photo shoot.

When we had our annual photo shoot this year, i'm not going to lie, the Christmas shoot took the longest by far, and went so far over its allotted time! Simply because the Christmas magic and fun overcame us and we spent ages just dancing and prancing around to the old Christmas classics. We tried to create the Christmas magic we felt inside and capture them in our photos.

People always say Christmas isn't all about the presents, boy are they right! There comes a time when the Christmas fairy tale of Santa Claus has faded, but for me the magic certainly does not! The Christmas magic continues. You may ask,

what is the Christmas magic then?

For me the definition of Christmas magic is in the joy of seeing family, the glorious food, the exchanging of gifts. But the giving of gifts isn't just about materialistic possessions, but about finding something that the person will adore, and love, and showing your care for the person. Its about the little things, the smiles on peoples faces, the new Christmas decoration on the tree, the Christmas smells that the whole rest of the year you don't even like and the little family traditions that create the warmth, joy and magic to Christmas. So.So we paid attention to the fun of Christmas, we didn't bother having a serious,professional shoot, we exploited the Christmas spirit of fun and joy. We said to our gorgeous models, have fun, listen to the Christmas music and smell the cinnamon candles and embrace the fun,
the colours, the smiles and cheer and love the camera as if your loving life.

So here you go, our little burst of a magical present to you all.

  That Cute little couple, proving every Christmas song right!

Christmas = Looking awesome and proudly showing them accessories off!

You know those everlasting friendships. The three musketeers. They always gather at Christmas with smiles and grins!

The three beauts showing us how the vintage world has been modernized. Vintage styled lase , brightened up by the bold red colour.

They are such little cuties! 

Sharing the gossip of the year...

...and laughing the night away.

This is one of my absolute favourites. We said laugh, smile, giggle, pull a face, be who you are at Christmas time.

and they did!

Those moments caught under the mistletoe...

Finding out what Santa brought you early in the morning!!

So there you have it, our bit of Christmas fun and joy! I hope you loved the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them, but the bar is set high! Thank you too all our lovely models for being so wonderful and up for a crazily hilarious Christmas Shoot!

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Sunday, 16 November 2014


Believe it or not, the Vintage team have been working very hard over the last few weeks. Our new office is almost complete , and we have some surprises in store for you, over the next few months, including a fabulous CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

Marilyn Monroe: Loving the monochrome style!

Audrey Hepburn: Classic and Simple
The VCR Team have had a their big annual photo-shoot. We went all out with our ideas and shoots. However we still stayed, in some cases, simple and effective!

One of my all time favourite classic styles is the monochrome. Good old simple Black and White combos! You've got to adore those old time classics! The Look has been rocked and perfected by so many, and is still rocking on today!
Everyone wears monochrome, so many celebrities through out time have walked the style down the red carpet, and why not! The Bold, Strong statement look is a fabulous one.

The Two colours black and white, are literally opposites. But you know what they say, opposites attract, and here is a perfect example! They are so different, yet they form together to make a bold yet calm statement.
So we decided, what better look to go for then monochrome, and our interpretation of it.

Our fabulous models show our interpretation of this classic look perfectly. The bold contrast really emphasizes this look.

How do have this look!

Guys There is no other look then a casual monochrome style for the guys out there! There is nothing else that makes you feel quite as suave. 


The casually swung on tie, and semi-casual trousers adds a relaxed touch to the look. However smartened up by the Shirt. 
What kind of look is this? Its a casual-smart look, a good balance of both casual and smart.
Where could i wear this? Because it is such a versatile look it can be worn pretty much anywhere, from dinner parties to daily wear.
How do i form this look? Its as easy as it says on the tin, sort your hair away from your face, swing the tie casually round your neck.
What do i need? A thin black tie, a smart shirt, some casual black jeans.

Girlies Now for all you make-up lovers!                    

This fabulous look is so effective! The strong colour blocking method on the dress really makes the piece stand out from the crowd!
What kind of look is this? Bold, but cute and classy.
Where could i wear this? Again it could be used as daily wear, but specifically personally, dinner parties and events of all kinds.
How do i form this look? A bold black and white dress , black tights, casual straight yet slightly wavy hair and make-up..

Don't want to go out and buy 2 lipsticks for this look? One white , One black. We didn't!
-LIP- Main focus point
Black lip colour: Its simple black pencil eyeliner round the edges. Nude colour on the lips, then covered by a liquid eye liner OR black eye shadow.
White lip colour: Same method, nude colour then white pigmented (preferably) eye shadow over the top. 
Eyes: Black eye shadow, long lashes.
Facial make-up: Natural

Full couple outfit view

This picture really shows what i mean when i say that the look is a complete balance between classy smart and cute casual.

This look can be smartened up more: 
Guys: the tie done up and a suit/dinner jacket added.
Girlies: Classy heels, gorgeous white pearls, hair up in a classy bun.

It really does make the cutest couple combo, I SIMPLY LOVE IT!

The slick maintained casual hair really adds to this look

i call the 'lip shot'. Because i think it really emphasizes what the make-up artist has done. It shows the huge contrast not only through her clothing but through her make-up.

Now in every photo-shoot you have your favourites, so here are some of the shots that show the couples whole looks coincide, and flourish!

So there you have it, Monochrome, simple, cute, classy, bold, contrasting, old time complete classics, and one of my favourites!

I would like to say a huge thank you to our lovely gorgeous models, and to all the VCR team behind this shoot, from the very beginning. An amazing well done to the make-up for this shoot, The Country Rose is a clever one!

The honest truth: No Photoshop was made to the models physical appearances in this shoot. Simply edits on the brightness (as the weather wasn't on our side on the day) and sharpening to enhance the contrast slightly.

The photos in this article belong to VintageCountryRoseCO. Except the images of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn-Google Images. 

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Lots of love ~Buttercup x

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Special Summers!

Special Summers!

Hello sweeties! It has been too long, and we apologize for it!! But it only makes me more excited to tell all of you about what we have been doing this lovely summer. Now, before you ask me, yes, planning is underway for the next big annual vintage photo shoot! Although unfortunately it will obviously be a bit later on this year than it was last year! Over the next few weeks the new floor is going to be put in place in the VCR Office! On to todays topic. Summer. I hope all you guys had a great one, i know i did!
This summer, the country rose and i did some travelling, we saw many amazing views, and enjoyed experiencing the wonderful traditions of Spain!

As soon as we stepped of the plane into Spain, a whisk of humidity came over us, from that moment on, my body clock would change, my diet would change, my daily routine would change, and these changes were all fascinating to explore.

~Body Clock~
As much as i wish i was, i have to admit i am not, and never really have been a 'morning person'. And i am not going to lie to you, on weekends my day usually starts at 12pm, unless i set my alarm clock before then! But thats okay, i have the whole afternoon to go out , do what i need to do that day, go home, and relax in the evening, that is pretty much how my England summer days go! But not in Spain... In Spain everyone has almost no choice but to be a morning person, because in the afternoon it is simply to hot to be able to function! Especially if you have been living in England all your life, i can tell you. Between 2-5pm Spanish people still continue to have a siesta, this is one of the very many famous aspects of the Spanish culture. In this time people are expected to rest or even sleep, to restore their energy for later on in the evening. After the siesta, people carry on with their life's as normal until it comes to around 11pm, were they dress nice and go to a bar for their tea. The atmosphere on the streets at this time is so friendly and happy, it really puts a smile on your face. Obviously i only speak for the body clock i had on my holiday and the people i met, other people will inevitably have a different one.

Paella , a Spanish delicacy.
Now their isn't much i can say on this category, and i really wish i could, but being a vegetarian limits your options slightly. I have got to say though, by the looks of the dishes the chef's produce, they really do strive to perfection. The cakes were to die for, and although in some cases you couldn't eat them all, due to the huge size of them, you still continue to buy them and love them every single time. Spain has some amazing food for every time of the day, one of my favourites, being 'churros' for breakfast. Churros, could be referred to as the equivalent of fritters, or fried doughnuts. They are often covered in sugar, and dipped in a chocolate sauce, they are the definition of divine!
If you ever travel to Spain this is a must have!!

~Daily Routine~
Our daily routine was pretty dependent on what we had planned to do! Sometimes we soldiered through the hot siesta times, site seeing, or at the beach, other times we rested. But almost every single day, no matter what we had been doing, we went to the pool. Pretty much guaranteed. It was just so refreshing, to jump into the water and just swim, then to relax and dry off in the sun, it was luxury.

And of course not forgetting the obvious beach day, because when you come from England you make the most of being able to jump into the Sea, without running back out again being completely frozen, thats England for you! The Sea was so fresh, and cooled you down without freezing you, the beach was absolutley beautiful as well, and a beach day was one of the nicest type of days out there. You could go swimming, surfing, on pedalos, kayaking. And it isn't really like me to compliment a beach day, as i am really not the biggest fan of sand! 

The Country Rose and i did loads of site seeing, we went everywhere! But despite everything we saw and did in our time away, my favourite time has got to be the Feria! Oh yes, we were fortunate enough to be in Spain during all the Spanish festivals celebrating the end of summer. We danced all night, everyone was so happy and energetic. During the Feria period in Huelva, everyone literally slept all day and partied all night. In the day time , other than the odd few people, it was practically like a ghost town. But during the evening there wasn't a single person asleep. Extreme opposites!

I had a fabulous time in Spain, this summer was completely amazing, and i could go on and on about it for months, BUT i don't want to bore you all to much! I have given you a glimpse into Country rose's and my summer adventures, now we would LOVE to hear all about yours!!
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Accomplish something you are proud of? 
Finished decorating a room perhaps?
Met with friends and family?
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Buttercup and The Country Rose 'selfie' before the Feria.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The World of Wallpapers!

                              ~Wallpapers 2~

Hello my Vintage Lovelies! Hope your all well, and enjoying the sunny weather! One of my first ever articles on this blog was all about wallpapers and feature walls. ( Click Here )
It proved to be one of your favorites, and so now lets see whats happened in the world of wallpapers!

As always floral patterns continue to be as popular as ever! I can see why too! Lets take a look at a few of my favorites , affordable prices, and beautiful patterns!                                                                                      
This wallpaper is only: £7.99 (Per Roll)
 More Information on the website: The Range
 You can pick out:
 ~The Oriental blue
 ~The violet 
 ~ The light pinky shade
 ~ The Green


Just as they have done in the picture you  will notice the  colours don't have to be  exact.
 From The Graham Brown collection.
 Alternative background colours include:
 white, for an airy, fresh feeling. Or Black  for a  sophisticated, evening look.

This wallpaper is only: £7.99 (per roll)
More Information on the website: The Range
 You can pick out:
 ~ The refreshing Green
 ~ The baby pink  
 ~ The rosey pink
 ~The white
 Most Pastel colours will go  with this  wallpaper. 
 Alternative colours: Vintage Blue, or Fawn.


Patchwork styled wallpaper, is such a cute idea, and is very effective!

This wallpaper is: £7.99 (per roll)
 More information on the website: The Range
 All the patterns are so sweet. There are  so many colours to pick out of this  wallpaper, but any pale pastel colours  would go with this lovely wallpaper!

The website describes it as:
"Pollyanna sky blue wallpaper from  coloroll  is a fabulous feature patchwork  in caramel  and red. 

The vintage inspired  has two  pretty co-ordinate ~ A small posy  pippa and pink ticking stripe poppet."
From the Pollyanna collection
Alternative colours~ Caramel/Red

~Pattern Cuties~
Always simple. Always effective. Always gorgeous.
The Good old Gingham,Checkered, Stripes and Spots! 
These patterns are so lovely in rooms, it just shows  you don't need to go complex to get nice results!

 Price: £12.99 (per Roll)
 Website: Homebase (Click for more Information)
These sharp affective stripes create a lovely statement. I also LOVE the retro style inspired pieces the website has chosen to put with the wallpaper!

                                   Dots, Dots, Dots! 
                      (Other Options: Red and Multi not shown)                                         

These are really effective and sweet in a room. They give it that little extra cute touch! The little bit of flavour, that little burst of colour and brightness! 
*Note the pastel colours for later*
Price: £14.99 (Per Roll)
Website: Graham and Brown (Click for more information)
(Compliments to the lovely examples of the different wallpapers in the possible settings of the house)

Kitchen Concepts 2 Wallpaper from Galerie MK25308Gorgeous Gingham :)
Price: £23.95 (Per Roll)
Sample price: £0.75
More Information: wallpapersales
The pastels keep making appearance in these lovely patterns!

Kitchen Concepts 2 Wallpaper from Galerie KC28552

Check, Check and more Check!

This lovely Rosey Red checked pattern is one of my all time favourites! It simply never gets old!
Price: £23.95 (Per Roll)
Sample Price: £0.75
More info: Wallpapersales
If your not so keen on my pattern choices from this website, then it is certainly worth having a look at the other cuties!

Now , Personally, with Geometric Print, you have to be very careful what you match it with and how you use it! Its one of the trickier wallpapers to design with! But hey were all up for a challenge, aren't we?
This is a cutie, it is elegant and sophisticated, but the vibrant blue also shouts bright and fun!
Price: £20.00 (Per Roll)(Save 20%! A FAB DEAL!)
Website: Debenhams

The use of textures and 3 Dimensional effect on this wallpaper is really clever! 
You could also pair another colour with it easily!
Price: £16.00
(Save 20%! FAB DEAL)
Website: Debenhams

Colours, Colours, Colours! 
There is never anything wrong with just a nice bit of colour! The splash of excitement can be put in anywhere! 
~Patterned Curtains
~Duvet set
~Accessories (Check out: "That Cute Little Touch" ~Check out my article for more!)

How do i use colour most effectively?
I divide colour into two main categories
~ Neutral and Pastels.
~Bright Bold Statement colours.

With Neutrals and Pastels, paint all your walls the same colour, and add the bursts of flavour through other pieces. Maybe a Big statement piece ~Check out my article for more!

Bright Bolf Statement Colours:
Be very careful! Painting all your bedroom walls a bright vibrant colour is the same as pasting a bold wallpaper over all the walls!
1.Lets use the colour Red as an example. When applying red to your room, only add it to half the walls in the room. So if you had 4 main walls , add it to two of them, the other two splash on a neutral colour! You can have the wall corresponding or beside each other, which ever you think is best, i couldn't say my opinion without seeing the room myself! 
This house has chosen to use red as a feature wall!


There is another option! paint all your walls that vibrant colour, but tone the room down by using neutral colours for furnishings!    
Some chose to combine both, and have neutral furnishing, and not all the walls painted. It really depends on the room, and what you are trying to achieve!

Thank you very very much for reading , i hope it inspired you to make some changes in your house! Please comment any, ideas for next posts for either me or The Country Rose , questions, and responses to this article below, i will try my best to respond! If you have any photos of your gorgeous refurbished rooms you would like to share with us you are very welcome to on out Facebook page! Your support means a lot to us!
(I cannot tale responsibility for quality of any of the products shown, i have not tried them out myself, i highly suggest you read other peoples reviews on the website.)
Lots of Love, Buttercup x