Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wallpapers :) xx

Hey everyone  , Its buttercup here sorry updates are less regular now but we all have been very busy recently. Today i am talking about wallpapers. In my eyes the wallpaper is the one thing that you can splash out on a bit so today i am going to put some wallpaper designs together with some paint to show you that it doesn't cost a lot to go shabby chic!

You see the way i see it the main influence when you transform a room is the paint and wallpaper. Later on (maybe in a different article) i will show you my dressing table which i made as i am transforming my room shabby chic style, i hope it will encourage others to do the same. As i have said before it doesn't have to cost a fortune to shabby chic your room it took me one small pot of paint for my dressing table and chest of draws. I have now started to search for my luxury wall paper. I have always been a massive fan of Cath Kidston and you may be thinking but i thought we were trying to keep the cost down. Well as i say the wallpaper is the thing that clearly says what design genre you went for be it modern, casual, shabby chic etc..

Now baring in mind that i am basing mine on a feature wall layout the average room would need about three rolls of wallpaper. This is my actual wallpaper in my room right now! I really LOVE it , it is so sweet, and full of colour. You can get it in two colour's, off white and blue.

Birds & Roses Wallpaper

 Below is the link that will take you straight to it so you can see it in green! It is a Cath Kidston and it is my favorite out of the range currently on the website.   Cath Kidston   (click link)
It is £25.00 a roll with postage and packaging varying from £3.95-£10.00 ( this price includes international deliveries)

My next one shall be selected again from the Cath Kidston range it is again £25.00 and p&p rates the same it is also in duck egg blue and again the link will be below :)

This Gorgeous Rose wallpaper , is a burst of colour and passion!

Now the last one i shall select will not be from Cath Kidston but from a A cute UK wallpaper website

At Only £6.99 a roll :)

I Just love the contrast of the two patterns floral and dots

So they you have it be it designer brand or not you can have a room that looks amazing :) Watch this space for my next article which is proof of my attempt to shabby chic furniture . Hope you liked it , Buttercup x

Pictures are from Google. We have no ownership or copyright over these letters. All copyright belongs to and the original owners.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Colour your hair Naturally!

Hey guys, 
Recently I decided that I wanted a new hair colour, but wanted it to stay natural.Im not an overwhelming fan of using hair dye, as im a pretty spontaneous person, and know that i'll be unhappy with the results in a few weeks, and its also not very good for your hair! I had already heard of some of the common , popular ones like using lemon juice, but seeing as their is pretty much no sun in England, and I can't be bothered to wait till summer, I wanted things I could do any day, and henna : Where on earth do you buy that from? So I decided to try some new ways of dying your hair , without nasty chemicals! So here are a list of some of the ways, while still keeping that natural finish.

The Country Rose 

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...
1. Coffee! ( To Darken) 
Yes, you did read that right! You can dye your hair naturally a few shades Darker with coffee. I myself am planning to try this look. 

And its pretty simple too. Continue to use this look until your happy with the colour. But personally if your going for the natural sort of look, i would do it twice or three times.Lasts until you stop doing it basically. And totally does not damage your hair! Brilliant :) 

You Will Need : 
- A sink
- Cup
- A strong cup of black coffee ( Or if you want
a lighter look, go for a lighter colour coffee,
 but know that this will not be as affective or noticable.)

Instructions : Brew some nice strong coffee : Preferable a strong brand. Leave it black, and give it time to cool.Pour into the sink.

Brush your hair thoroughly , as this will make it easier for the colour to soak in.Soak and massage it into your hair for fifteen minutes( More if you desire more noticable results)

And leave it in your hair for another fifteen minutes or so.You can keep your hair in a clip or band, but don't wrap it in a towel, because this will absorb all the coffee!

 Rinse hair with warm water.

Tip : If you are a light blonde the results will be more dynamic and dramatic! Test the colour on a small section of your hair first.

2.Honey ( Lightener) 
Honey can do this because of the peroxide it releases.And its very easy, but the downside is that it takes a while for the results to show.

Add some honey to your conditioner every time you condition, and you should notice results in a few weeks or so.

3.Carrot and beet juice! ( Red)
Don't want to use henna for a redish tint? Carrot and beetroot juice can add the same affects to your hair.

Instructions : Mix half a cup of beet juice to half a cup of carrot juice .Pour this over damp hair and dry your hair for about thirty minutes.Leave the rest to dry naturally.If your not satisfied with the intensity of the red, repeat the application for a few weeks.

4.Tea !

Black tea – this can act as an effective stain or dye for darkening hair. Brew a very strong mix of loose tea or tea bags with boiling water. Strain and allow to cool completely before applying to hair ensuring complete saturation.
Chamomile tea – works for highlighting fair high or for subtly lightening blond/ fair hair. Prepare as for black tea.

5.Paprica! ( Red) 
I sure know that I have some in my cupboard , so why not give it a go for reddish tints? So here is how.
Tip : Paprica gives particularly good results with Rose hip tea. ( or make your own with rose petals and boiling water).

Make a paste using the paprica, either mixed with the tea, or with just water. Comb it into your hair.

6.Coco- powder! ( Darker) 
This is really cool , and I know I have some coco powder somewhere, so its easily do-able too! 
Instructions :
Take half of your normal shampoo , and fill the rest of the bottle up with coco-powder. Mix well. Use like normal shampoo. Three times should do it ! ( More if you would prefer a darker colour)

Vinegar and soy-sauce!
Both of these are things that I always have at home, and its so easy to do.
Make a mixture of both Vinegar and soy-sauce and use it as a conditioner when you shower! Leave it in for 2-5 minutes, and rinse it out.

Thankyou for reading! Protect your hair this year, switch to a natural dyer instead
Remember to use these things with caution if you have light hair, as these are generally made for people with darker hair. But many such as the Camomile tea and Honey are suitable for all hair colours! <3 

Pictures are from Google. We have no ownership or copyright over these letters. All copyright belongs to and the original owners.

Tea , just like coffee, can also dye your hair.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Norfolk loves snow xx

Snowy Pictures ...

Hey everyone, Thanks for sending in your snowy pictures if you haven't already go to our Facebook page Vintagecountryrose and post them to us and we will try our best to get them up here to show you here are some so far....

Vintage Country Rose..
Photo: One for the Snow Article xxx Send us your snow picturees pleeaase :) x

Sam- England/Norfolk

Photo: Have more

Sam- England / Norfolk

Photo: Have more

Sam- England/Norfolk

Photo: Have more

Sam- England/Norfolk

Photo: Have more
Sam- England/ Norfolk
Photo: Heres one of the church in my village
Photo: Snowy photo :)
Matty- England/Norfolk
Photo: Snowy photo :)

Tyler- England/Norfolk

Photo: Send to your website,hun?xx

Tyler - England/ Norfolk

Photo: Moreee......... x

Tyler- England/ Norfolk
Photo: Yepp,more........xx
Photo: xx

Thanks to everyone who has posted them in can't wait to see more :) xx

Pictures are from Google. We have no ownership or copyright over these letters. All copyright belongs to and the original owners.
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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hey Snowdrop Back again x

Hiya Guys,

Today i'm gonna write about vintage celebrities! We all love 

the celebrities Marilyn Monroe , Elvis Presley and all the
other fab famous and fantastic people! I'm going to base this 

on my favorite celebrity, Miss Marilyn! Sexy, beautiful and a 

tough loving queen. She inspired and captured the hearts of 

many people! 

But we have to remember what makes a celebrity? Good 

looks? Money? Fame? Or the love of your public? 

You Decide

Love From,

Snow Drop

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Pictures are from Google. We have no ownership or copyright over these letters. All copyright belongs to and the original owners.
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Snow!!!!!! Buttercup xxx

Hey Everyone Its SNOWING where we are , its amazing some lovely views and some perfect pictures to frame! Snow doesn't come to where we are often so we have to make the most of it!!! Here are some lovely snow pictures I Took :) xxx 

Admittedly i am not the best photographer in fact i am pretty awful however just thought i should share the fun i have been having with you :) Buttercup xxx 
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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Easy Vintage hairstyles to try today!

Hey Guys! 
Want to learn how to make pretty Vintage hairstyles that arn't waay to difficult to achieve. I tried to pick things that you can easily personalize and would be suitable for many hair lengths and styles. Enjoy and follow us on twitter @VCountryRose 


The Scarf tied up-do.
This look must be one of my favorites. Its so easy to mix up and change. 

Some tips : 
If you want a girly look , go for florals
Want a more modern look? Go for red's and blacks , and bold patterns. 

Spritz a volume boosting spray into your damp hair .Create a deep side parting ( Or experiment if you would like ) and tie your hair in a ponytail at the top of your head. Take random strands of your hair and gently tug them out of the up-do for a more messy, relaxed look.Create gentle curls with your curling iron. When the curls have cooled , and your happy with your look , you may want to rake your fingers through your hair to break them up and randomly pin the curls into a messy bun.Tie a pretty scarf around your head to complete the look. Simple and Versatile.Done!

Time Taken : 4-6 minutes ( depending on how many curls you put in your hair ) 

Side Pony-tail with a teased crown

I absolutely love this one. Your hair does have to be medium - long to work best with this look.But feel free to try it.This look is all about volume, don't be afraid to go the extra mile with it.

Some tips : 
Why not give it a tousled , beachy look.
Add a flower for extra glam

I find its easier if you turn your hair upside down and spray a generous amount of dry shampoo ( love the stuff) throughout your hair to help with volume. Then apply the dry shampoo to your crown , teasing with a comb to create lift.Smooth over the teased area a little , and place bobby pins in to keep it all up.Then tie your hair into a side ponytail behind your ear , keeping the front flat and finish with a spritz of volumizing finishing spray.

Time Taken : 6-9 minutes 

The Geometric cut 
This look can really help to define your cheekbones , but is only for the brave. This bold cut is also very easy to style. Dare for the cut! 

Use a great conditioner , to make your hair look very soft and shiny.Blow dry with a paddle-brush and them smooth a bit of anti-frizz to keep it all looking glossy and smooth. Well worth it ! 

Time Taken: 3-5 minutes

High Ponytail bound twice 

This one helps you look glamorous , but is also practical. A top tip is to keep it the main focus, by wearing minimalistic makeup .

Brush your hair and pull it up into a high ponytail.Smooth hair with a touch of gel , and secure with a hairband of your choice ( but preferably a plain coloured one that matches your hair colour , so that it is not too noticeable . Brush out the ponytail and add another hair band two inches down , and brush out your ponytail again. Finish by rubbing a dab of cream into the palms of your hands , and smooth it over your ponytail for added shine.

Time Taken : 5 minutes

Soft wave bob with a low side parting.
Ok now this one is really simple, but will look beautiful and romantic. Again , it would be best if you wore simple make-up.This one is best for people with shorter hair , but don't let it put you off giving this look a go.
Spray each 1-inch section of your hair with two to three spritz's of hairspray and put it into a hair roller. When the rollers feel cool , let your hair down. Spray some dry shampoo at the crown of your head , let it dry of course , then brush your hair out , gently as to not remove any of the curls! And shape with your fingers , finished.

Time Taken : 10 minutes

Long Curls! ( Or short curls )

This look , i would happily wear everyday if I could. Glamorous, feminine and perfect.It takes a little longer to achieve naturally , and will have to be taken care with to ensure it looks its best.

Top tips : 

Use dry shampoo when curling , it makes hair more manageable. 

Wash your hair with a volumous shampoo.And either let your hair dry naturally , or dry it with a hair dryer with a large round brush.Curl your hair with hot rollers, or if you would like: a curling wand. Spritz on some volumising spray to create texture.Finish with a touch of hairspray , to hold your look in place.

Time Taken: 20-30 minutes ( Takes a little longer than the rest , but i assure you its worth it) 

Teased double bun
I absolutely ADORE this one.Simply to achieve , but stunning to look at! Beautiful , elegant and romantic.The key is to try not to make your hair look perfect , but to let it fall naturally.

Top tip : 

Why not make it edgy with strong metallic makeup? 

Split your hair into two sections , creating a parting in the middle of your head , from one ear to the other.Clip the top section out of the way, then take the lower half and do whatever you  would prefer to use , to make your hair more volumous. ( Volume spray, teasing with a combe, etc) Then wrap the lower sections of your hair into a loose bun, using pins to keep the ends in place.Then take the top section of your hair , and spray generously with hairspray, before backcombing your roots , to give you the modern "Beehive" affect.Secure the pouf with bobby pins , before tying the top section into a ponytail.On the last turn of your hairband, don't pull the ends of your hair through.Lastly, gently tug the looped pony, so that it hangs over the lower bun.


Time taken: 20 minutes , if like me you are a perfectionist and want to make sure everything looks right.

Rolled Back-updo

This is one look that I hardly ever see people wear.Which is such a shame.Beautiful and iconic to the vintage times , the rolled back-updo puts all the emphasis on your face.So I reccomend a bright lipstick and minimal eye-makeup.

Lightly spray texturising spray onto  your hair to make it light , and easy to grip.Blow dry it back for texture.Part it in the middle.Twist one side back and pin it in place at the nape of your neck : and repeat on the opposite side.Then connect the ends and twist them back into a soft bun.Finish with a very light touch of hairspray.

Time taken:  5-8 minutes

And lastly , 
My favorite , 

Finger Waves!

The finger waves , traditionally worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe.Flirty and beautiful. More easily accomplished with short - medium hair length.
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

Start with dry hair. Work in 1-2 inch sections, lightly spray each section with a texturizing mist , and wind into it with hot rollers. Or a curling iron ( This will take longer).When the rollers are cool, sculpt the curls with your fingertips , and finish with a spritz of hairspray for hold.

Time Taken : 10-13 minutes.

Thankyou very much for reading.Feel free to try any of these hair styles , and your more than welcome to comment in the box below! Tell us how your hair styling experience went.And your welcome to send us pictures on our facebook page of your hair!

Some times have been  approximated but will differ depending on hair length, thickness and condition. Care in handling hot equiptment.If you are under 12 we urge you to have a parents permission to use hot hair equiptment.Copyright of VintageCountryRose Co.Marilyn Monroe photo credit Sasha065

Pictures are from Google. We have no ownership or copyright over these letters. All copyright belongs to and the original owners.
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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Buttercup.. Statement mirrors :) xx

Hey everyone. One thing i love is a big center piece in an room. But sometimes i find it hard to choose what to use as the center piece and i search and search for something that can make a big statement. but I don't know why i made it so difficult for myself as lets add it all up.
We need :
A nice center piece that can be any size depending on the room
We need to have a good selection of designs
and we need something that can express peoples personalities!
Is it as obvious to you as it is me???

A MIRROR!!!!! Of course a lovely mirror can always be the icing on the cake to a room like these ones :






Comment your favorite image 1,2,3,4,5 or 6??
Try and guess my favorite too ... :)

Than you everyone ... Buttercup xxxx
Pictures are from Google. We have no ownership or copyright over these letters. All copyright belongs to and the original owners.
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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Snow Drop Vintage cars!! xx

Vintage cars…

I apologize first for the lateness… it being Christmas and all!I don’t know much about cars so you’ll have to forgive my vagueness on this particular blog! Im gonna keep this blog short and sweet so people don’t get bored of me rambling, all of my blogs are going to be done like this so I hope you enjoy my short blog on vintage cars!....
many people have different opinions of what a vintage car is, some people think it could be the type people like to go to a wedding in, and they go for the black or white colour scheme, although some people think or vintage cars being like old race cars like the one in chitty chitty bang bang!
but what people have to remember is sometimes its not the cars that’s important… it’s the driver!
With love,fromSnow drop!

  British Vintage car!
  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car!!