Friday, 26 July 2013

Indian Culture and Traditions!

Hello readers,

Today I'm going to write about different vintage traditions, I'm going to go a little out of my comfort zone and write about vintage traditions from different countries, these type of blogs will be carried out through a series, each blog has a different country! So hold onto your hats readers as I take you on a tour over seas to experience exciting and different vintage traditions! 

First stop is...

India! There's so much I could tell you and write about India, there beautiful traditional fashion, their amazing body hennas, and their fabulous music! 

In India, their type of dress can vary depending on their religion, region, and climate. But this doesn't mean that the clothes they wear are any less amazing or interesting as any others. For women, it's common to wear a Sari (pronounced Sar-ee) this is a strip of un stitched cloth usually ranging from the measurements from four to nine yards. The Sari is worn over the body in many different styles. The word Sari is derived from the word Sanskrit, meaning 'strip of cloth.' The most common style of a Sari is it being wrapped around the waist and the remaining cloth draped over the shoulder. These Sari's are usually a patterned and colourful design. Indian women also wear a special type of make up, one of these are called a 'Bindi.' A Bindi, meaning "small drop, dot." Is traditionally a bright red dot on the forehead, between the eye brows. But now can also be a jewel or sign in the same location. The traditional significance of this is its known to be the sixth seat for wisdom. It is said to retain energy and focus concentration. 

For men, it's traditional to wear a Sherwani, Lungi, Kurta, and Dhoti or Pajama. A Sherwani is a long coat/jacket, the length is usually just below the knee. The Sherwani has a Nehru collar, a collar that stands up. A Sherwani is traditionally worn at a wedding or special occasion. The colour of the Sherwani is normally ivory or cream. A Lungi, also known as a sarong, is a traditional garment of India.
 Now I could go on and on about clothing of India, but that's not all India has to offer us for their culture, lets have a look at their music!

There are many many different styles of music in India, for example: Thumri, Dandra, Ghazal, Qawwali, Chaiti, Kajri, and Sufi. These are the main traditional Indian styles. But with every style of great music comes an award and a festival, there are the Punjabi Music Awards, Sangeet Natack Academi Awards, and the Filmfare Awards. India adores music festivals, and so they sometimes have a whole season dedicated to a certain festival, like the Chennai Music Season. The festivals India holds are very lively and public, and sometimes are even out on the streets! 

So is that all India has to offer? A bunch of clothes and music? Haha no my friend, one of my most favourites of Indian culture is something called a Henna...

Let's start from the very beginning, a Henna is a type of tree, yes that's right readers its not one of those pretty little tattoos... Yet. Henna, also known as Lawsonia Inermis, is a flowering tree. The English name Henna comes from the Arabic word 'Hinna' pronounced Hin-ae, but can be loosely pronounced Hinna. (This will be the part you'll all recognise) The name Henna also refers to a certain type of dye that comes from the Henna tree. The art of temporary tattoos name, Henna, is based on the dye of the Henna tree. Henna dye can be used to tattoo/dye skin, hair, fingernails and fabrics, including wool, leather and cotton. The name Henna can also be used in the different colours of hair or skin dyes, for example, black henna, or neutral henna, neither of which are derived from the Henna plant itself. 

So now what? We've done clothes, little tattoo plant things and music? Surely we're missing something? Ah! I remember...


Just like the clothes, Indian food can vary according to the religion and the place of which the people are. I'm going to focus on both of these topics whilst writing. Indian cuisine varies significantly from each other and use locally available spices, herbs, meats, vegetables, and fruits. Indian foods are also heavily influenced by cultural and religious choices, for example, Muslims in India do not eat pork, and many Hindu communities consider beef as a taboo. Since it is believed that cow slaughter can be condemned, many Indian states has banned beef consumption. Despite religious beliefs in India limiting their cuisine, there is also a varied cuisine according to place, for example, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands sea food plays a big part of their cuisine. Since they traditionally had very little contact with the outside world, raw fish, fruits and veg became their staple foods. Immigration in India, however, has given the island a more wider range of foods. 

Well readers that the tour of India, I hope you enjoyed it! And I'll see you next Friday for the next tour, I'll give you some hints to what the next country is... Fiesta. 

See you next time.
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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Taking interior Out Doors x

Hello Guys, Today i am blogging once again, a proper interior blog this time, it has been so long! Hope you are all having great summers too! Today i am going to show you my favorite top 10 shabby chic vintage outdoor photos!

Number 10 ...
10:I love how the colour all co-ordinates , what a lovely meal you could have here! Just sets the scene perfectly!

8: Love this , feels so refreshing and really brings
out spring and freedom!
Number 9 and 8!
9:Again, how cute is this? LOVE the bird cage so much!

Number 7 and 6!

7: Sorry this is a little blury , but it is lovely
and just proves that those little vintage touches
are all worth while!

6:This is a cute ,relaxing lay out with neutral
colours blending in with the
gorgeous floral pattern!

Now for the TOP 5!!
5: This is soo cute with all the florals and gorgeous
patterns!! Love it!

 4: Love this soo much! Note the lace pattern on the hammock! 

3: This is soo cute! Just that totally gorgeous garden all round style!
2: soo cute , Love the Shabby Chic furnishing Pieces!

And Last but by no means least .. NUMBER 1!!

I simply LOVE it just ... wow .. i couldn't have done anything better myself... It us just soo cute and rustic!!

Well, I hope you liked it, thank you soo much for reading!! Don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter and message us telling us all about your plans for the summer holidays! Hope your gardens look as great as these ones.. wish mine did!! Lots of love to you all, thank you for all your support so far! PLEASE share this blog because we have almost reached our target for the end of the year (view wise) and would be great to finish it as early as we can, feel like such an achievement! Much Love to you all, Thank you again for reading, Buttercup :) x

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Gorgeous VCR Gossip and Updates!x

Quick Update and Gossip!
Hey everyone! I am so sorry this will have to be a short one.. But it is a quick update for you guys! I have spent the evening with The Country Rose and we are all planned for the Summer! We have many events coming up as well! Keep checking and sharing us over the summer because we will be here, writing to you as normal! Hear about our summer travels and adventures! I would absolutely love to hear all about your plans, and maybe even see a Photo if you post it to us on our Facebook page we would be delighted, Click here for a link to it! Would love to hear from you!

I hope to be taking some Photo's around Norfolk to share with you to! 

More news is we hope to attend Little Vintage Lover Fair  ! We also hope to plan a Summer special, Like we did with our Easter special so keep checking for it! We have many ideas for the Summer Special , but if you have any you think we should include, comment below! Now i am so sorry that their has been no interior in this post, but i have been working on VintageCountryRose in other senses recently and simply haven't had time! 

To make up for it here is a little exclusive , that has never been released...

Here are our gorgeous crew , casually modeling some vintage wear! I love this photo as it is just so natural,and the lighting from the sun is gorgeous! Oh How i love Norfolk in the lovely weather!
Anyway, Thank you so much for supporting us so far, i hope you continue you to! Please share round , because it would be simply brilliant to get to our target views by the end of this year, if not before! Don't forget to facebook us your pictures and stories! Much love to you all, May you all have a glorious summer , with gorgeous vintage interior and fashion , Speak to you all soon, Buttercup x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

5 minute Summer Hairstyles

Hair has never been so simple to style with these Simple Summer Hairstyle. Wonderful for the beach,festival or night out!
( Or just for lounging about
at home. We won't tell!)

All modelled by my wonderful friend @Rikykaiu33 from Youtube. So check out her channel!

1.Straight sleek ponytail

Start off by putting your hair into just a regular ponytail about 10 centimeters above the back of your head and tie it with a hairband. Then take your straighteners and straighten small sections of the ponytail until it is straight, pin back any bangs with a bobby pin that matches your hair colour and your done!

Top tips!
~Straighten in sections for a more straight look
~ Use hairspray on fly-aways!

2. Fishtail plait
Brush all of your hair so it is resting on your back and separate into two even sections, it is quite important they are equal.
 Get both sections in either hand and rest one section on the fingers of the opposing hand. Take a small clump of hair from the outer site of the section and cross it over the section you got it from and underneath the other, doing the same for the other side. 

Repeat this process until you have reached the bottom of your hair, if you have layered hair this may be a bit more difficult. 

The smaller the sections the better the effect, but this is up to you! Tie the end with a clear or colored hairband similar to your hair colour and you're finished.

Top Tips!
~ Style up your fish-tail plait by incorporating a ribbon or bow!~ So cute!
~ Experiment with lengths, and also which side you want the fishtail plait to be on!

3. Volumed Quiff

Brush the front section of your hair back (including bangs if you have them) and get some bobby pins. Pull it back so the hair is flat and push it up slightly before pinning it. 

That's all there is to it! Hairspray if needed.

Top Tip!
~  putting hairspray on your finger then smoothing your hair to tame all of those annoying flyaway hairs really helps!
~ For more volume, use a voluminous spray or back-comb.
~ Use a salt spray to create wavy curls, that go perfect with this look!

4. Top Knot 
Simple for any occasions, and always chic!

Tie your hair into a high pony tail and take a small or medium sized donut (depending on your hair length) and place it over the ponytail, so your hair is in the middle of the donut. Wrap your hair around the outside of the donut and bobby pin it into place. 

The Original inspirations

Hope you Enjoyed this article! Thankyou for reading. Comment your favorites, and follow us on twitter @VCountryRose.

Lots of Love,
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Monday, 8 July 2013

Patterns and Pastels!

Patterns and Pastels!
Hello all, Hope everyone is having gorgeous weather, and looking great in their vintage swimsuits suggested by The Country Rose , if you haven't read this fabulous article then, click here!
Anyhow , i really need to do an interior blog for you guys, since i have been covering all the events recently!

Today i am going to do a boys room for everyone , shabby chic style!
Patterns and Pastels, i love both those words to pieces and i personally think they are two words combined for life!

Lets start off by the wallpaper, many people could think this is a tough thing to select, but is couldn't be anymore simple! The trick is to take the pattern from the wallpaper and use it for other little touches in the room like a cushion or use to make a patch work quilt or rim the curtains with it! If you can't find material in the same pattern as your wallpaper you simply pick a colour from it and yes that colour , it all ties in well which ever way you do it!
This is a simple and easy yet effective wallpaper for any room!
Lets take a look at some selections i have made for wallpapers...
 I love this pattern and chose it in particular because it had more than one colour in it giving you a wider choice of accessories! 
Right now then , having showed those wallpapers it sometimes can be nice to simply have pastel walls and a patterned carpet, For example:

The furnishing in this is quite cunning , with a mix of modern and shabby chic styles! for example the bed is modern , yet the chair and back cabinet are shabby chic!
Now you are probably wondering , how i will do the furniture! well this is easy too! Shabby Chic is by far not just a feminine thing, take a look at this furniture, it is just so cute!
I have never seen anything like this bed, i love it, one of a kind , so unique!

These cabinets give off that old vibe , but are still cutting edge in style!

Last but not least, the lovely plush chair!
Striped , or neutral colours with a pillow on to add some colour maybe, make a great chair!
Well there you have it! It is easy to make a boys room when you know how! As always comment questions and ideas for future articles below! I hope you enjoyed this article and as always follow us and support us on our websites! For more information click here! Thank you for reading :) Have a lovely week, Much Love, Buttercup x

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Vintage Swimwear

Marilyn Monroe~ Looking stunning
on the beach!
Vintage Swimwear, perfect for so many reasons. Affordable, beautiful.
They never go out of style! 

Vintage designed swimwear is also very simple to wear as it suits any body type. So relax, don't stress,we can sort you out in a pretty Bikini or a Classic full-length beauty.
So without further ado, here are my favorites for you to enjoy!

Hey there, Sailor chick!

Retro Sailor Monokini by Fables by Barrie - Red, Blue, White, Buttons, Cutout, Casual, Nautical, Vintage Inspired, Halter, Tank top (2 thick straps), Summer
A more modern take on the
Nautical Look.
Relaxing by the beach has never looked more Classy. Easy to wear,and stylish on anybody.

Also the cheapest option for Vintage swimwear~ with 'cossies for under a tenner in some places!
Why not Try a Swimsuit this year? This one from
Etsy is the cutest thing I have ever seen! 


Whether you choose to go Bright and Bold, or Dainty and Delightful, Floral is the way to go for any Fashion forward chick.

To the left is my favorite, bright and colorful and the skirt is the sweetest. It may seem a little too daring, but go for it!
This cutie is from  Betsy Johnson. 

Dorothy Perkins, and very

Black looks fabulous with a tan.

Chic Bikini's

This type of bikini, I couldn't remember the name for, so I'm just going to invent one. Chic bikini's are the most wonderful for curvy people.

And if your not blessed with huge curves (Join the club baby)it makes what you do have, look bigger and better!

Ebay has so many gorgeous finds,
These being some of the best.

I have no idea why more people don't wear these, the cutest things! Us girls love dresses..and swimming. Its the perfect summer combination. 

Thanks for reading, Hope you Enjoyed. Please feel free to comment your favorites, or tweet me @VCountryRose 

Ps. We are almost at 10,000 views! I am so excited!! Especially as we only started blogging around seven months ago. Thank-you to everyone who has helped and supported us, and our loyal readers. :)

CountryRose x

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