Thursday, 5 December 2013

That Cute Little Touch. *Winter Style!*

That Cute Little Touch, Winter Edition!

WOW! So its the 5th of December, Hope everyone has got there advent calenders out and ready! How exciting! 
I once wrote an article called "That Cute Little Touch!" , and today i had a thought, Christmas is such a magical time, and it is all the small things that add to the magic! I love the little decorations around the house and on the Christmas Tree! So i wanted to do "That Cute Little Touch" Winter Edition!

There are just some of the cutest decorations out there. Here is one i found online , simply by searching , "Christmas Decorations Vintage Style" . It is the cutest, decorative bird box, with sweet Christmas details! At Only £14.95 , it is the loveliest secret little Christmas gift for yourself! Or maybe for friends or family. Click here for the website!

From the same website is this adorable Shabby Chic style Christmas Star! The Tradition says it is supposed to bring Good Luck, Which is simply a bonus! Click Here!

At the Amazing Price of £3.95!!

However, there are ways to make the most gorgeous decorations, and have fun doing it too! You could revamp an old bauble by decoupaging it!

                        What a sweet idea is this? Just such a gorgeous bauble!!

                     You Can even add a personal touch, with something you like!

You can also make Star decorations to hang from the Christmas tree! 
They are so easy to make and co lovely!
I LOVE the music notes decoupage idea!

If you want to know how to make the cute Stars to hang from your tree, then Click Here, this is a sweet little site, where i found the image and it tells you everything you need to know!

Next up is some of the most lovely Christmas bunting ever! It is just simply the sweetest!
It is £12.95 , i think it would just lighten up any room you want to be honest!

Of course , you can challenge yourself and make bunting!! I am no professional when it comes to sewing, but even i have managed to make some lovely bunting in the past! 
It is a lot more simple then people may think!
I will have ago at explaining it to you!
(For a short bunting , of 5 triangles)

1. Cut out ten triangles , out of your chosen material.
2. Put the Triangles into pairs and lay them , with the material front facing inwards on top of each other.
3. Sew (by hand or by sewing machine) around the two triangles, but not the top!
4. Like what you do when you have an inside out sock,  make the triangles so they aren't inside out. (Told you i would give ago at explaining it! Never said it would sound professional haha, That is just how i always think of it!)
5. Iron each triangle so they have no creases in them!
6. Get some think ribbon, and pin the triangles to it..
~Lay the ribbon out on a flat surface.
~Lay each triangle an equal amount of distance away from each other across the ribbon. Each Triangle you lay, place it in the middle of the ribbon, so you have ribbon to fold over.
~Fold over the other half of the ribbon and pin it.
~Then simply sew along the ribbon and hey presto , they you have it!
So Sorry if you don't understand my instructions! Sure there are better instructions out on the web, but there is no harm in having ago at it!

Anyway My Vintage Sweet Hearts , it was lovely talking to you all, thank you for reading, i hope it helps you have a gorgeous, magical ,vintage Christmas! Leave any comments below, on any exciting Christmas plans , or decoration ideas! I would love to hear from you all! You could also post a Christmas of your Christmas decorations on our Facebook Page, to share the joy of Christmas Decorations further!

Lots of Love to you all, Hope you all have an exciting December!
Buttercup x

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The World of Vintage Fabric and Creativity!

The World of Vintage fabric and Creativity! 

 Hello all! I am ever so apologetic towards the lack of articles i have posted recently! But we have been very busy, and illness' have affected us all! I myself am rather ill still, so i again i am so sorry sweeties!

So the chilly weather is coming, and we all want to feel cozy in our homes! We could also want something to do on a rainy day! Or a fun and cheap way to make gifts for Christmas time! I know you may be thinking, Christmas,already? But if you start now the more time you have! 
So what is this genius idea of mine, i here you asking? 
Well... it is simply fabric. Wonderful , Glorious Fabric. 
With the right instructions, it is so much easier than most people imagine to make the most wonderful, cushion covers, curtains, clothing, patchwork quilt! 
You may be thinking, is she mad? There is no way i could do that? Well as they say anything is possible, why not take up the challenge? 

For making clothing you can find clothing patterns online, or at your local sewing/craft shop! For an Online example click HERE!
If you want to know some more about patchwork quilts , read one of my earlier articles by clicking HERE!

Today lets start with cushion covers! 
Cushion Covers are an easy thing to make , and it is even easier to transform an old cushion cover. 

If you have an old cushion cover then the base of your cushion is already there! All you need is a fabulous piece of material, you simply tack it on to the front of the cushion,  then to sew it properly into place you could hand sew it , or you could machine sew it!
Now for the fun part.. what material?
My first place to look for fabric is always Cath Kidston, even if i am on a tighter budget, it never hurts to get inspiration and ideas!

Bird Cotton Duck
This is a really sweet material! Simple and colourful!
Personally, i find it perfect for kids! I think it is a lovable material!
There are so many more from the Cath kidston collection, perfect for kids, full of colour, and fun!
For Example..
Vintage Car Cotton DuckButterflies Cotton DuckMini Cowboy Haberdashery Fabric

And the Cath Kidston collection keeps continuing to please with these fabulous patterns, perfect for any gift!
Spray Flowers Cotton DuckGarden Birds Cotton DuckEnglish Stripe Cotton Yarn Dye
All those shown are £22 a metre or less.
For LOADS more of this gorgeous material visit there website, by clicking HERE!

However, Christmas is a festive,wonderful time of the year, and we all know that its the thought that counts, not the money! There is gorgeous material out there, no matter the price!
For example, here are some fabulous sites! 
Vintage style ,£10 or less a metre!
Retro Wallpaper, £10 or less , half a metre! (More than enough to transform a cushion!)
AH In Crowd B&W 1/2 METREMO 60's Icons White Remnant 40cmAH Sloane Tawny Plum 1/2 METRE
There are so many books to teach you about how to make so many different things! 
Click HERE for a recommended book about how to make cushion covers for only £6.00!

For further details on the Vintage fabric and making world, Click HERE! This website has everything you need and more to help you on your way!

Thank you so much for reading my vintage lovelies! Hope you have fun getting crafty with your gorgeous fabric finds! Much Love, Buttercup!x

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Interior Design Interview, with exclusive photos and more...x

Interior Design interview!
Including exclusive photos and quotes!

Hello everyone, my apologies as it seems like it has been forever, but we have been very busy in the VCR office, so tired from everything, it will all be worth it though!

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to visit a local Norfolk interior designers home. As usual I wanted to share my experience with you!

The house went through an amazing transformation in little time, I was amazed by how quickly it all came together.

I took some photos to share with you, in hope that you can see the amazing interior mind behind this creative, spacious house as much as I can!

This house once had a very unpractical layout, but now it is a wonderful spacious home!

The house has been completely turned around, what is now a gorgeous kitchen/diner was once where the staircase sat, smack bang in the middle of the room and it had many unneccessary door ways, some leading to the same living space! The stairs were completely knocked down, and moved to a more practical area of the house, this created a great sense of space. 
*Picture of the Kitchen/Diner not available , sorry for inconvenience*

As you enter the house, you are greeted by a lovely living space. However this was not once the case, this room went through a transformation, particularly pointing out the gorgeous fire place, which clearly went through a gorgeous re-vamp.
Throughout the house there are fabulous touches that really give it that artistic edge.

This rooms clever layout, makes the most of the space.

I love this wardrobe! Has a lovely element of Shabby Chic to it.

Front Door , from the inside.

There are 2 bathrooms situated in the house, one main upstairs and then a convenient wet room down stairs, believe it or not however this wet room was once nothing more than a coal room. I simply love the use of the plum colour!

Everywhere you look a sense of adventure and flavour comes out of the house, there is a wonderful selection of abstract paintings, bursting with passion , and also pictures representing loved memories.

This is not only a stylish HOUSE to be proud of but a sentimental HOME bursting with personality down to the very last minor detail.

Here are some  features in the house!

Moving on upstairs it only gets better, where the stairs originally would have came up to is now a gorgeous master bedroom, with the wardrobes really making the most of the space.

Just Lovely!

I simply LOVE the bathroom, the featuring colour is simply gorgeous, it has the simplicity of a normal bathroom but has that extra touch of glam brought in by the dainty and detailed mirror. Just an amazing piece.

                 In Love with the bathroom. Inspired me!

Upstairs also, is a guest room, which is practical, simple and just lovely, lucky guests is what I would say!!

You think all that is lovely, well I have saved the best part of the house till last... the Glorious garden, such a lovely place, so relaxing and peaceful, but full of energy and laughter too. You can see there is real consideration behind the garden layout, especially to enhance the wonderful views.

Stylish Chicken coop!
 Gorgeous Flowers!

Lovely Landscape!
  Wonderful Details!

House, from the back! Gorgeous patio area!

How long did all this take , I wonder? 
The house was brought by the designer on the 29th of November 2012, Builders where in by the 5th of December. Including a 3 week Christmas break for everyone, the house was ready to move in by the 1st of March 2013. Although at this point one or two appliances in the kitchen weren't quite ready to use.

I just can't believe how quickly it all managed to come together! It really was designed by a very careful and keen eye. 

The designer says "I love living here" and also passionately claims, that to her she sees her house just as her home.

It really is a gorgeous home and a house to be proud of, this house is the perfect mix, having the best of both worlds!
Many Many Thanks to everyone who helped give me the opportunity to be able to write this article.
Me and The Interior Master Mind!

Thank you again for reading, my lovely's, will speak again soon! Much Love, Buttercup x

The photos shown on this article are VCR property.