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Audrey Hepburn

Snowdrop's blog on refreshing the course! 

Hello readers,

Today I am going to revisit celebrities, last time I focused on Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. But today I am going to talk about celebrities in general and how different people see them, I shall now talk about Audrey Hepburn and talk about how many people see her and the differences between them.

Audrey Hepburn, a very famous actress and probably one of the most iconic female idol's. Some people love Audrey for her beauty, or her kind nature. But many people dislike her for her, heavy drinking, heavy smoking and for being 'twee'. This means being a very mimsy-mumsy person with no back bone, or bite. Some people may dislike the smoking or drinking because of the bad influence it gives, and maybe some people dislike her for being 'twee' because of a female figure having to be a strong person, equal and independent.
However, Audrey was also known for many good things, Audrey has her own childrens fund. She was the co-founder of Audrey Hepburn Children Fund, everyone has there own different opinion about people, but its not what other people think about them that matters, its what you think, thats the key to being the greatest person you can be! 

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Monday, 27 May 2013

Rocking it Retro Style! x

Rocking It RETRO!

Hey Everyone, Sorry i haven't done a new article but i promise you i have been working on the Blog in other ways! I am preparing for our Photo Shoot, so excited, can't wait to show all the pictures to all you hunnies!!

Today's Blog is about a Vintage BOYS room, we are steering away from Shabby Chic for this one and heading towards RETRO! I have had so many requests and hay? why shouldn't i? Boys can have vintage style to!! I will try and get through all the requests, so stay in tune and Contact us  if you have any ideas you would like us to explore.

Retro has a simplistic view on it and is jazzed up by the accessories! Like this living area here,
A CLASSIC example of Retro, Love it! Pure Genius!

However the accessories could be replaced with bright patterns and Colours, Like for example this retro wallpaper...
This shows the detail some retro designs can show, this is a plainer design in colour, however the furniture and accessories all tie in to give it that Retro's look!

Retro is all about not being afraid to mix and match and experiment. It is all about the bold patterns , and it shows the technique of clashing beautifully! Don't be afraid to let your personality influence your design, for example here is a gorgeous room, with a hand done collaged wallpaper...

This can be bold, bright , patterned , whatever you like! I would advise you not to go to far by using a colour not in the wallpaper if the wallpaper is colourful and bold!
You could put a modern twist on it...
This is a modern version, co-operating with bright colours and unusual shapes!

Or you could stick to the classic stuff (My personal favorite , but it doesn't hurt to show the options)...
Then there are the more bold and outgoing designs...
The colours tie in here , and the patterns represent a classic clash in Retro style!
This has the amazing three stripe pattern randomly going around the room, it has bold colours and i simply adore it!

Now there is the Retro accessories! Now these can vary depending on the design , but here are a few cutie examples...
The accessories in this photograph , really bring the whole piece to life!
This is an overwhelming photograph, with so many Retro accessories , OMG!!

These are some lovely cushions, encouraging the orange pallet, a popular colour in Retro!

Well there you have it Boys, a little something for you! Please don't forget to support us and recommend any ideas for new articles! Please comment below anything that you may have that is Retro or Retro inspired or post a photo to us on Facebook! I would love to hear from you! Thank you for Reading! Much Love, Buttercup x x

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Homemade Makeup Ideas

Easy Home-made Makeup Ideas
Many Of these Items can be found in your cupboards!

I love buying new makeup, but I find it the best brands can be Expensive. Being an avid lover of anything Sustainable, I decided to try and make my own things. 

Here are some of my favorites, all tested by me. You may have to perfect the recipes yourself, so that they suit your skin tone and preferences. 

Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below. 


~ 2-3 Tablespoons of Honey
~  100ml Filtered Water * Approximately
~  2 squirts of Liquid Soap, ( Or you can melt a cube of Soap for 30 seconds in the Microwave)
~ 1 Empty Container, preferably a Pump Bottle

Method :- 
1. Spoon out your honey into your container. If the honey is not soft enough, microwave till runny. 
2. Filter your Water ( You can always use normal tap water, but I prefer to make sure its free of any Impurities.) by putting it through a filter.
3. Pour this Water into your Container
4. Add in your Liquid Soap.
5. Mix all of these well, until they produce a thin, watery like texture. Shake before using.

This mixture will keep for approximately two weeks, after that you can make a new one. 

Top Tips
~ Experiment with different colours and smells. 
~ Tea tree oil and Rosemary are two products you could add in, to give your skin an extra special treat. 
~  Why not use up whats left of a Foaming Facial wash, to make it a Foaming Cleanser!

Gentle Face Scrub
A face scrub is a must in any Beauty Routine. Removes dead skin cells and unclogs your pores. This Face-scrub tutorial is very gentle on the face, whilst doing its job. I find that Shop ones are very rough.

Although this method is longer, and takes perfecting to suit you, it leaves your skin super soft!

~ 1 Chamomile herbal tea bag
~ 1 Forest Fruit herbal tea bag
~ 1 Mortar and Pestle 
~ 2 Tablespoons of Sugar
~ 1 Tablespoon of Semi-melting honey.

Method :- 
1. Brew yourself two cups of herbal tea, one of Chamomile and the other of Forest Fruit.
2. Take out the tea bags, and place them in the Mortar ( Or a bowl)
3. Wait for the tea bags to cool down, then carefully rip them open.
4. Pour their content into the Mortar and gently crush. Do not crush them into a powder, just crush until they are rough but not harsh to the touch.
5. Melt your honey for approximately twenty seconds or until soft.
6. Mix together until thick but runny. 
7. Add in your sugar, carefully mixing it in as you go. 
8. If you think your mixture is too thick, add in a little water. If you think your mixture is not thick enough, add in more Sugar and Honey. 

Store in the fridge for about 30 minutes. This will let it cool and set. To use the Scrub ; Wet your face, and apply it ( Ignoring areas such as your eyes and mouth). Massage it onto your face in circular motions. You should feel it gently scrubbing away at your pores. Rinse off with water. 

Top Tips! 
~ Use different types of Herbal tea
~ Mix with a small amount of your favorite Face Mask, turn it into an Exfoliating Mask!

We all use Mascara, so why not try and make your own. Whether its to use regularly or if you have run out and need a quick fix. This recipe is super easy and quick too!

~ Vaseline or a thick Lip balm            
~ 1 old tub or Mascara tube.
~ 1 Mascara wand
~ 1 old Eye-shadow
~ 1 Teaspoon of Water

Method :- 
1. Take your Eye-shadow, and gently crush it. I find it easiest to crush it with a normal table knife, as I find it can get into the corners of the eye-shadow container easiest.
2. Take your Vaseline and spoon it into your Container.
3. Pour in your now crushes Eye-shadow
4. Mix well for five minutes
5. I found that the mixture was way too thick, so I added in one tea spoon of Water. You may find that this water seems to just "Sit" on top of the Mixture, but I assure you it does gently wet the formula. Therefor making it easier to apply. 

After you have dipped your Mascara want into the mixture, I strongly reccomend removing any clumps that you see on it before applying it. Im not yet sure how to improve the recipe and make it less clumpy. If you have any ideas please leave them in the comments!

BB Cream
BB cream is just perfect this time of year. Light on your skin, but still gives you enough coverage! This Recipe is more trial and error, as you have to find the right balance that fits you. 

~ 1/3 of your Foundation
~ 1/3 of your Favorite moisturizer 
~ 5-7 sprays of Sun-cream, or two or three squirts.

 Method :- 
1. Mix together your Foundation, Moisturizer and Sunscreen together.
2. Carry on mixing, and test it on your cheeks. 
3. Trial and error till you find just the right combination for you.
4. ** Optional **  add in a teaspoon of your favorite smelling cream. 

Tinted Lip balm
A tinted lip-balm applies just a hint of colour to your lips, whilst giving them just the amount of moisture that is needed. Here is how to make one, and its really simple!

I sometimes find I can't find a colour that suits me, with this easy was you can whip one up whenever you want! And have the shade perfect for the event!
Vermilion Red!

~ A few lipsticks or Blushes of your choice
~ Vaseline
~ A small tub
~ A plate

Method :-
1. Scoop 2-3 Teaspoons of Vaseline into your Tub
2. If you are using a powder blush, then  remember to crush it up.
3.  Start mixing your Lipstick/Blush colours onto your plate, just like you would a paint, until you find just the right shade for you. For your first one, you might just want to start with a simple Vermilion Red.
3. Now mix in your lipstick colours gently. 
4. Put it in the fridge for around ten minutes, just to cool and harden it a little. 

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Yoga, The benefits

A pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream
Who can resist? 

Hey guys! 
This Year ( Like everyone else) decided I would try and be healthier.. and its only may and already I am scoffing tubs of Ben and Jerry's. 

But there is one form of excersize I have been able to stick with, half because of the benefits I feel and see every day, But also the calming feeling you get. What is this magnificent thing you ask? 

Yoga my friend! The benefits really are endless. 

It really is an Old art, hense the "Vintageness". 

- Yoga helps to Enrich you not only in Body, But also Mind and Spirit. 
- It originated in Ancient India
- It helps Encourage you to fulfilling  your goals, and therefor is very Interdependent : Even if your doing it with a Friend or a Group.
- You can start whenever you want, Either at Home or at a Yoga Centre or Fitness Centre.
- It can really relax you, especially when your angry.
Yoga classes, not as awkward as you would

Monday, 13 May 2013

Cutie Cushion Covers and Tie-Dye!! x x

Cutie Cushion Covers!!
Get Stuck in!!  Today i will talk about another fun activity that is productive and fun!! It saves money and is a lovely thing to experiment with and explore textures and patterns with friends or family, a great family activity for a rainy day!!

You will need:

Other accessories: E.g ~Buttons~

This activity can take up to an hour. But if you hand sew it could take longer, by hey-ho it is all part of the fun , right guys?? ;)

~Cut you're material (to the size wanted from you're cushion) you need one square piece for the front of your cushion and two rectangular ones for the back (Tip- The two rectangle should both be equal to half the size of the square front) This should leave you with 3 pieces ... Correct?? haha

~Cut and fit the viola to each piece of material, and iron it into place

~Next you need to pin the pieces together so that the two back rectangles slightly overlap to the front square piece of cushion!!

~ Sew all the pieces together ,with you're sewing machine, 

or by hand!! 

~This next step could be done by ribbon or zip, the ribbon is easier so that is what i will tell you...

Attach ribbon to each side of the split in the back to creat a seal for the cushion!! Fold over the ribbon and pin it to the rectangular material , then stitch it on (by hand or by machine). Do this with two bits of ribbon on atleast two or three poiints on  the cushion. You should do this with buttons or ribbons or even a zip, so have fun explore and experiment with it!!

~Put the cushion stuffing in and tie up the cover!! There you have it!!

But what about spicing it up with a tie-dye design!! Give that burst of summer!! 
For £16.67 you can add that extra color, and brightness, i have made a tie-dye cushion too!! 

I would Love to say a big Thank you for all our viewers support!! It means so much!! Thank you , Hope you enjoyed this article, if you have any ideas for new articles or have any questions please comment below, i would also love to see some cushions, i would love for them to be posted on our Facebook page!! 
Thank you so much guys, Much Love Buttercup x x 

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Beauty Products not worth the hype

Hey guys,
Hope you have all had a chance to read Vintage Photoshoots, and are excited for the 31st! Thanks again for all the offers, but we are sorted with Models and Photographers now.

Beauty Products not worth the

These products may still work for you, but when we tested them we didn't think they were up to the standard. 

1. Barry M Dazzle Dust
Im not sure quite when I started to hear about the dazzle dust, but at the beginning of the Barry M Craze, they appeared out of no where. 

When I actually used it, I must say I was not impressed. Firstly by the amount of mess that it caused. Maybe it was the way I applied it, but I just remember having to clean up so much glitter after woulds, off of my ; Hands, Mirror, Floor and Face. 

I felt it looked too harsh, somehow latched to the creases in my Eyelids ( Even using a good primer!) and the fallouts were just ridiculous. 

2. Colour Unlimited Lip gloss
Apologies for bad picture quality :-)
 These lipglosses came about in a sudden Burst of "Bright Lip fashion". Lots of videos were made, featuring them. In all of these videos, the women seem really impressed with the lip glosses. 

For me, they were too shiny. I felt they were just siting on my lips. Shiny lips are pretty, but when they look overboard, gooey and sticky.. that's when its too far.

A minor critisism, is that is smelt funny. Im not sure what of.. but I just know that I didn't want to put it on my Lips.

3. Revlon Colourstay Whipped Creme
This product really made an impact in the Vlogging community, so many videos feature this Foundation. Describing how light, and easy to apply. 

Whereas on my skin I found it Heavy. Perhaps I applied it wrong. My skin is also very oily on my T-Zone, so it made my face shiny. So for £12.30 I think I will pass on this one. 

Its not something I would buy again, that's for sure. But maybe Im just applying it wrong, and helps? Whats it like for you?

4. Revlon Lipstain 
Its like pick-on Revlon day! Sorry Revlon, but this product wasn't worth the hype either. 
I have heard so very much about lipstain's. So.So.Much. 

It seems everyone was obsessed with them! I could see why, they were lighter to put on and smelt lush. So I went out and bought one. 

I found Revlon Lipstain's were too light! And quickly wore off. Even the eight hour ones faded quickly on my lips. And the moisturizing Balm did nothing to help it stay on, but simply buttered my lips. 

Although the colours had a wonderful range, I found they looked very similar on me.
On the Plus they smell amazing, and give your lips a pretty shine. But were a disappointment, and not worth all the hype that they got on the Web.

5. All-in-One BB Cream.
From The Body shop.
B-B cream is big at the moment! And although others have worked for me, the one from the Body Shop was such a disappointment. 

I personally love the body shop, but this realisation made me realise I should shop around more for beauty products. I found this BB cream advertised so often, and hurried off to the shop to buy it!

But when I finally got round to using it, it was average. It didn't provide that much coverage for me,so I found myself applying Foundation, Concealer and SPF products. The lacking of Sun Protection irritated me. Its still a good coverer, but its not a one-step and out the door Item - Which the Hype showed it to be.
And at the time priced at £20... boo :(

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Vintage Photoshoot 31st Of May!

Langton, North Yorkshire Become a fan on faceb...
Langton, North Yorkshire Become a fan on facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hello everyone!

thanks again for the overwheing support we have been getting on Twitter (@VCountryRose )and on Facebook.

If you follow us, which you most definately should, Then you will already know the fabulous news we are about to share with you.

We are doing a Vintage Photoshoot! On the 31st of may, and will post all the beautiful pictures on here for you to see! Thanks everyone for the offers but we now have enough models and photographers.
The theme for this shoot is a mixture of Festival Fashion, Classy Garden parties, and Long Summer days. All of the things that make summer so pretty.

Lots of organising has to be done before the 31st. We would really appreciate any Advice and Support. But excitement levels are high in the VintageCountryRose offices!
If you want to give us any advice or suggestions comment or message us on Twitter or Facebook.
If you want to get in touch for Business Reasons email us at
~ The team x x x
VintageCountryRose co

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