Saturday, 16 February 2013

Go with the guys!


Why should us girls just follow the Vintage trends set by Woman? This year, dare to follow some man trends? You won't be alone!

This year, one of the latest trends, is following Vintage Male fashion ideas,and re-designing them for women to wear. Some of the most stylish trends , such as The Trouser Suit and Army Jackets, are tradditionally worn by men. The Fashion indistry has set out to change that this year. Woohoo! :)


 Male-Vintage Inspired Jackets

 From Green To Buttoned

From Long  To short

So easily wearable! Available now from most shops, at affordable prices!

. My Friend recently bought a jacket like the short one above, and it truly is a useful wardrobe staple! Anyone can pull it off and look classy, but can dress it up or down. She is in LOVE with it, and rightly so, she looks like kate middleton : Classy and stylish :) 

The Trouser Suit
The Iconic Black A pop of colour!
Geometric prints are so in!

What are your favorite Vintage Trends? Are you willing to go with the trends and try a boyish chic look? Go on, all of us
 will be rocking it with you this season . 

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And just tell your friends and keep coming back for more heehee! xxx

Vintage Country rose xxx

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