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Special Summers!

Special Summers!

Hello sweeties! It has been too long, and we apologize for it!! But it only makes me more excited to tell all of you about what we have been doing this lovely summer. Now, before you ask me, yes, planning is underway for the next big annual vintage photo shoot! Although unfortunately it will obviously be a bit later on this year than it was last year! Over the next few weeks the new floor is going to be put in place in the VCR Office! On to todays topic. Summer. I hope all you guys had a great one, i know i did!
This summer, the country rose and i did some travelling, we saw many amazing views, and enjoyed experiencing the wonderful traditions of Spain!

As soon as we stepped of the plane into Spain, a whisk of humidity came over us, from that moment on, my body clock would change, my diet would change, my daily routine would change, and these changes were all fascinating to explore.

~Body Clock~
As much as i wish i was, i have to admit i am not, and never really have been a 'morning person'. And i am not going to lie to you, on weekends my day usually starts at 12pm, unless i set my alarm clock before then! But thats okay, i have the whole afternoon to go out , do what i need to do that day, go home, and relax in the evening, that is pretty much how my England summer days go! But not in Spain... In Spain everyone has almost no choice but to be a morning person, because in the afternoon it is simply to hot to be able to function! Especially if you have been living in England all your life, i can tell you. Between 2-5pm Spanish people still continue to have a siesta, this is one of the very many famous aspects of the Spanish culture. In this time people are expected to rest or even sleep, to restore their energy for later on in the evening. After the siesta, people carry on with their life's as normal until it comes to around 11pm, were they dress nice and go to a bar for their tea. The atmosphere on the streets at this time is so friendly and happy, it really puts a smile on your face. Obviously i only speak for the body clock i had on my holiday and the people i met, other people will inevitably have a different one.

Paella , a Spanish delicacy.
Now their isn't much i can say on this category, and i really wish i could, but being a vegetarian limits your options slightly. I have got to say though, by the looks of the dishes the chef's produce, they really do strive to perfection. The cakes were to die for, and although in some cases you couldn't eat them all, due to the huge size of them, you still continue to buy them and love them every single time. Spain has some amazing food for every time of the day, one of my favourites, being 'churros' for breakfast. Churros, could be referred to as the equivalent of fritters, or fried doughnuts. They are often covered in sugar, and dipped in a chocolate sauce, they are the definition of divine!
If you ever travel to Spain this is a must have!!

~Daily Routine~
Our daily routine was pretty dependent on what we had planned to do! Sometimes we soldiered through the hot siesta times, site seeing, or at the beach, other times we rested. But almost every single day, no matter what we had been doing, we went to the pool. Pretty much guaranteed. It was just so refreshing, to jump into the water and just swim, then to relax and dry off in the sun, it was luxury.

And of course not forgetting the obvious beach day, because when you come from England you make the most of being able to jump into the Sea, without running back out again being completely frozen, thats England for you! The Sea was so fresh, and cooled you down without freezing you, the beach was absolutley beautiful as well, and a beach day was one of the nicest type of days out there. You could go swimming, surfing, on pedalos, kayaking. And it isn't really like me to compliment a beach day, as i am really not the biggest fan of sand! 

The Country Rose and i did loads of site seeing, we went everywhere! But despite everything we saw and did in our time away, my favourite time has got to be the Feria! Oh yes, we were fortunate enough to be in Spain during all the Spanish festivals celebrating the end of summer. We danced all night, everyone was so happy and energetic. During the Feria period in Huelva, everyone literally slept all day and partied all night. In the day time , other than the odd few people, it was practically like a ghost town. But during the evening there wasn't a single person asleep. Extreme opposites!

I had a fabulous time in Spain, this summer was completely amazing, and i could go on and on about it for months, BUT i don't want to bore you all to much! I have given you a glimpse into Country rose's and my summer adventures, now we would LOVE to hear all about yours!!
What did you do this Summer?
Accomplish something you are proud of? 
Finished decorating a room perhaps?
Met with friends and family?
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Buttercup and The Country Rose 'selfie' before the Feria.

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