Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Outfits!

Carrie Bradshaw inspired outfits!

Our latest telly obsession has been over the addictive and adorable, "The Carrie Diaries" - half because of the drama, and half because of her fashion sense!

Carrie Bradshaw has an effortless style. She somehow mixes patterns that should not go, but do! Her style also somehow manages to be flirty, girly, bold and professional at the same time! So today we tried to channel her style and create some outfits. Ours are a little more wearable, but are still inspired by outfits that Carrie wears on the show. If you want to know where any of the clothes are from, there is a list at the bottom :)

Look 1, The Everyday one 

Carrie always looks fashionable, no matter where she is going. To school she tends to wear casual but unique clothes.

We chose a bright top with big flowers, and added the blue pinafore dress. The pinafore makes the outfit look very 80's. We added plain coloured tights that have small pink polka dots on it, to add a little pop of colour, and a simple beanie hat. The Pinafore has such an adorable back - adding a unique detail!

Look 2 , The party one.

This one channels Carries outgoing adventurous taste in clashing patterns and designs. Its very brave and daring, but will sure make you stand out from the crowd! The trick to making it more wearable is to choose a common coloured background. 
To make it less of a pattern overload, we tied a knot in the shirt, creating a nice bit of layering. This relaxes the look a lot more. The same thing can be achieved by wearing an undertop, or using a plain belt to split up patterns. 

Look 3,The work look

Carries internship in the city makes for just another event to wear killer clothes to! Her works clothes are still vibrant and fun, but have more of a professional touch to them. We paired this gorgeous polka dot shirt with the white and blue striped belt. 

To separate the patterns we used a black thick belt, and a chunky red bead necklace. The necklace is probably my favourite part, as this dash of colour just makes the outfit pop!

Look 4, The summer one

Even if your not spending the summer in New York city, why not dress like you are? Carries summer style is all about fun and bright colours. Here we picked out some gorgeously bright shorts with pastel flowers on them, beautiful patterned detail at the bottom making them look vintage. 

We paired this with a simple black and white top. We accessorized it up with a gorgeous pair of sunglasses, which had bold bright stripes on them. 

Hello there! Summers calling...

Look 5, The dressy occasion

Lets all admit it, the only reason we watched those prom episodes were to see what Carrie was going to choose to wear. All of the dresses she chose were beautiful, but always had a unique twist to them! (Who can forget her dress in the season 2 finale, want!!!) 

We wanted this look to be girly and flirty, but also unique and different.  We took this simply beautiful deep burgundy dress, note the lovely lace design at the top of the dress, and decided to jazz it up using a bright white and black spotted belt. We  then matched this (sort of!) with some black spotted tights. To accessorize we added some veeery big grey hoop earrings. 

Look  6 , The home, casual clothes.
For our final piece , we put together a simple, yet clever look. 

The look consists of vintage style floral shorts, from a vintage shop. Matched with a gorgeous denim crop top. To make this outfit stand out more we added a neon necklace saying the word "love" on, with cute little charms hanging from it.

This look is quirky , but simple enough to wear around the house or out with friends.

Thankyou for reading, we hope you enjoyed our Carrie Bradshaw inspired outfits. If you decide to channel Carrie one day, post a picture of it on Instagram and use the Hashtag #VCRcarrie and we will make sure to take a look, we would love to see them! Comment your favourites and make sure to share this with your friends. 

Lots of love, 
Country Rose and Buttercup x
Look 1           
Top- Topshop 
Pinafore- Primark
Hat- Coco’s

Look 2
Top- River Island
Leggings- Primark
Earings- Claires

Look 3
Top- primark
Necklace- New Look
Belt- H&M

Look 4
Top- H&M
Shorts- Vintage shop
Sunglasses- Australia

Look 5
Dress- New Look
Belt – Our own bit of Creativity
Tights- Primark
Bracelet- Primark
Earings- Claires

Look 6
Top- Topshop
Shorts- Vintage Shop
Necklace- Unkown


  1. Lovely!! So great to see you guys back!! Love ya<3

  2. Amazing! I love Carrie Bradshaws style!x