Thursday, 10 April 2014

March Favourites!

March Favourites!
Hello lovelies! Today I've decided to do a March favourites, even if its the 10th of April (Shhh!) Most of them are beauty products, but I have included some non-beauty favourites also. So lets get right into it.

My favourite nail varnish in March, which I have been wearing to death, has been "Skinny Dip"by Rimmel London. It is part of their "60 secondS" nails collection. The colour is a beautiful deep, rich blue. The colour comes out exactly as it looks in the bottle. It is also very quick to dry.It is also wonderful for the price, of only £3.65!

My favourite lipstick this month has been MAC's "Made to Order". The colour is a sort of "your-colour-but-better" except more pink. It gives a lovely, but natural looking shimmer and silky look. Its very moisturising, so I didn't have to use a base or other lip balm. It stays on for a very long time, and It may sound weird, but I love the smell of MAC lipsticks, tell me if you do too haha! The price is a little on the high side, at around £15.99, but its definitely worth the price. 

I've been loving the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser. Its light, but doesn't wear easily. It provides the perfect base for foundation, helping it to smoothly glide on,and stay on! Its worth the £17.00 for great skincare! I have only been using it for a few months but already I think it might be becoming one of my Holy Grail beauty products!!

bekijk grote fotoFor a while I have been searching for a good foundation brush, and at last I found one. I have been loving my new Bobbi Brown Foundation brush. Normally I wouldn't go for something this expensive, but I had heard a lot about this brush and wanted to treat myself. Priced around £32 it is not cheap, but the quality and the flawless application make the price worth it. It blends wonderfully, meaning no horrid streak marks. Its super soft and gentle on your face, and makes the task of applying foundation so much quicker. This definitely a product to spoil yourself with! 

I really wanted a dark colour to wear in March, but wanted one that was easily wear-able or blend-able to make it look more subtle. I found exactly what I wanted with this "Exaggerate Lipliner" from Maxfactor. I got it in the colour, Obsession, and have been completely and utterly obsessed with it! The colour is a beautifully dark berry shade, that can be made lighter, darker or glossier with any other product. I've found that it is super versatile and easy to wear. The lipliner is creamy and not too drying. I can't remember the exact price, but I know that it was not more than £5! 

My favourite candle this month has been "Salted Caramel" by  Yankee Candle (If you follow me on Instagram you should know that!! @Allie_Bradley1) It smells absolutely delicious. It is a very strong scent, meaning you don't have to burn it as often. Its almost good enough to eat! I got the medium sized candle, which is around £16.99

I bought a gorgeous bag this month, which I have been absolutely obsessed with. For the price of £30, I got this gorgeous white bag from River Island. It looks small, but is big enough to fit everything I would need on an ordinary day. You can carry it or have it on your shoulder with the shoulder strap. It has three sections to it, to which have zips, and the middle section has a pop-openy thing (not sure what its called). The pockets are all very roomy, even if they look small. Its the perfect bag to complete any outfit! 
I could only find it online in Light Pink, but it is available in White in store I think!

The songs I have been loving this month are "Hey Brother" by Avicii and "Do I wanna know" by the Arctic Monkeys. I've also been listening to the Frozen soundtrack like craazy!

I've been adoring the Lipton ice tea's! My favourite flavor is the Peach. Its so delicious and fresh, and makes you feel totally replenished and refreshed. The lemon one is also very yummy. 

Thankyou for reading guys! What are your monthly favourites? I would love to know.
 Have a nice day! 

Country Rose x

Disclaimer, Disclaimer; no company has sponsored me to write this review,it is all my own opinion. Some products that may work for me may not necessarily work for you :)

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