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Easter Special!! x

Happy Easter!!
Hello Chums! All of us here at VintageCountryRose are wishing you a happy Easter, with our Easter Blog Special! This article is different to our others, as all of our bloggers are going to write an article for you, all in one place! Enjoy your holiday, whether you are celebrating the traditional festival, with lots of choccie, or just celebrating spring!

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Enjoy your Holiday!

Pop into Spring with these Cute Vintage dresses! Wow everyone, by looking fabulous but casual. And because I love you, links to were you can buy these gorgeous dresses are below :) 

Chambray Crochet Neckline Day Dress/Swimsuit Cover-Up


How STUNNING is this dress?! Slimming and gorgeous. The lace just makes the look, don't you think? And get this : its only £31!!

 Buy it here! 



Another stunning dress, that can make you look beautiful : Whatever your body shape! A major wardrobe staple. 
$49.50 ( not sure how much that is in pounds though, sorry!) 
Available from 


Cream (Cream) Parisian Cream Floral Print Sweetheart Lace Dress | 281332613 | New Look
Love this pattern, £27.99 for this gorgeous Dress! 

Laura Printed Netted Lantern Dress
Outlines your Curves! And only £25 pounds

ASOS Skater Dress In Bright Neon Floral With Belt
No words to describe, simply gorgeous.
Available from


I love maxi dresses, somehow they make wearing a long dress simple and casual, easy to wear during the day, but still stylish and sophisticated. So versatile, you could really wear it for anything! Convinced you to buy one yet? No? Wait till you see these gorgeous ones!

 Eden Of Zola Maxi Dress 
Sophisticated : Yes. Simple : Yes! Steeply priced at £200 pound, but sure to make a staple in your wardrobe. One to save for! From French Connection.

Blue tie dye lace edge maxi dress
£30 pounds from River island : My favorite store!


Love the pattern, and mega easy to
pull of! £55 from

1. Create the base Line!
Get a good even coat of eyeliner, and rest your elbow on a table or steady surface, this reduces the risk of wibbles! 
Apply the Eyeliner to the inner corner first, whilst looking STRAIGHT towards the mirror. Then do the same with the other eye. 

2. Then for the Flicking!
Make sure you eyeliner hasn't gone dry. Try not to blink, leaning back can prevent this! 

Its best to draw a dot were you want the eyeliner to finish. Then tilt your head back, and draw a line from the dot downwards towards the outer corner. 

3. Sweeping
Sweep across from were you stopped, across your lashline. 

And lastly!
Fill it in! In a sort of triangular shape. 

Finally, Check just to see if you are happy with your eyeliner flick. Experiment with thick ones, thin ones, long Cleopatra ones, or short cat-eyes! 

Clean up any fallen eyeliner flakes, and there you have it! 

My favorite Lipstick!  
You all probably know, that I love my Bright Lipsticks. Right now Im totally loving the Avon Collection Colourtrend! 
As well as being amazingly cheap ( The last lipstick I bought was under £3.50!), the colours are long lasting and lushious!

My favorite Lipstick from Avon in Shade,
 Poppy Love

If you want to wear a bright colour, but don't want it to be too Vibrant ...

Blot it! - Blot it carefully with tissue, basically kiss some tissue a few times, it will dampen the Intesity of the Colour, but will also make it last longer!

Apply a Lipbalm- If im going out to a nice place, I usually want to dull down my Lipsticks a little, so I apply my favorite Lip balms over the top, it also brings shine!

A friend got me this one, Use it so much, as it smells great!


Hello All, it is great to speak to you again and how exciting this is!! I Hope everyone has great plans for Easter and gets enough chocolate to last forever haha!! Today i am following the theme of a change and talking to you about Easter Crafts (as i have already done a spring/Easter interior Blog "Spring cleaning with a twist"!!

                            HOME MADE CRAFTS!!

First of all Card making i find Easter one of the easiest and funnest topics for card making!! You could do a jumping bunny , a bird in an egg or some flowers but the one i am going to show you how to make is.... 

( Drum role please ;) ) ... Is a bird pop up card , it was one of my favorite ones to make when i was little and still is , it is easy and fun to do too!!

You will need: 

~2 pieces of paper (preferably card and maybe different colours)

1. Fold an A4 piece of paper/or card in half. Find the middle of the paper and cut a line about 5 cm long across the middle!

2. Then Fold back each of the flaps to make two triangles

3. Open up the card and lay it down portrait way!

4 .Push one of the triangles up and pinch the edges together above the card. Do this for both triangles

5.Close the card and push down on the folds to make them well-creased.

            ~Then open it up!! You have a POP UP Beak~

6. Get your other bit of paper/card (A different colour is recommend) And your glue stick, glue it on the outside of your card (avoiding sticking it to the beak or it won't pop out of course haha) 

7. Write Happy Easter on the front and Decorate the inside of the card into a bird and then experiment opening and closing it you have yourself and opening and closing beak!! There you have it an amazing Easter Card!!


Here is a fun example of one , this one has used googly eyes and put string hair on it as a final finishing touch !! :) 

PREZZIES!! Well sticking to the theme of CHOCOLATE!!! I will show you a simple recipe!! That looks great!!

You will need:

~A slab of white chocolate
~A slab of milk chocolate   
~A slab of Dark chocolate 
(~Choose two from this choice of three, I know it is hard as all chocolate is yum~)
~A saucepan and a glass bowel
~A Hob
~Some baking paper
~ A spoon

Right now for the easy instructions...

1. Get your saucepan and fill it up with water, then put it on the hob at 180 c

2. balance your glass bowel on top of the saucepan

3. Break up the chocolate into cubes and stir until it is melted

4. Get the baking paper and drizzle the first layer on , It could be in a heart shape bass or it could just be a massive drizzle depending on what sort of effect you want.

5. Then repeat with an different sort of chocolate you have chosen for your top layer

6. Wait till the bottom layer is dry and drizzle the top layer all over

7. When it is dry you have yourself a chocolate gift!! ~Easy in 7 steps~

A close up of one could look like this...

So there you have it an Easter gift for anyone this year!! Easy, fun and it doesn't burn a whole in your pocket. I Hope everyone has a lovely Easter and has fun!! Please comment what you are doing for your Easter and if you have any questions!! Thank you All Buttercup x x x


Classic Vintage Movies

Some Like It Hot! 
Starring the beautiful and talented Marilyn Monroe, and the fabulously funny Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. 

Made in 1959, a classic Black and White film, that can always make me giggle. 

The Film follows Two Musicians who witnessed a crime, and flee into an All-Female band, Full of Funny Complications! 

The film is dotted with fun, atmospheric characters. And also including some Lovely songs! 



This is a 1990 American Crime Film. 
Staring Robert De Niro !
Henry Hill is a small time gangster, who takes part in a robbery with Jimmy Conway and Tommy De Vito, two other gangsters who have set their sights a bit higher. 

His two partners kill off everyone else involved in the robbery, and slowly start to climb up through the hierarchy of the Mob. Henry, however, is badly affected by his partners success, but will he stoop low enough to bring about the downfall of Jimmy and Tommy?

A crime/Drama, full of excitement! 

GroundHog Day!
Groundhog Day (movie poster).jpg

I absolutely adore this film! Made in 1993, but really a classic! A weatherman finds himself living the same day over and over again, trying to impress a beautiful woman. 

Bill Murray is Hilarious in this! Its a comedy/Romance thing, but really good for everyone. 

Forrest Gump

Made in 1994 but a complete Classic. Fabulous, Starring Tom Hanks. 
Forrest Gump is a simple man, with quite a low I.Q.but has good intentions.He is going through his childhood with his only but best friend, Jenny. . Forrest joins the army for service in Vietnam, finding new friends called Dan and Bubba. 

He does lots of other lovely things, but all he can think about is his Childhoos Sweetheart Jenny, who messed up her life. 

All he wants to prove,is that anyone call fall in love with anybody. 

Such a cute film, And a must see! 

Comment your favorites, Whats your favorite? 

Vintage Instroments
I love Vintage Instroments, they look so stunning and antique! Being an avid Musician I love my instroments, Here are my favorites. 

Vintage Guitars! 
Link here for places to buy them

Vintage Violins! 
Oh my, The Country Rose wants all of these! 


Vintage Pianos! 
Wow, these pianos are stunning!

Snowdrop's Article! 
Hey guys,

sorry i havent done a
blog in like for ever so i thought
considering the easter 

special is out, might aswell add onto it

my blog today is going to be about vintage tv shows,
When i was little my mum bought me a video tape,
it was called, watch with mother. This was the greatest
video i had ever watched, it included the woodentops,
bill and ben (the original), muffin the mule and many more
delightful favourites. How ever some of you readers may be a little
old for watch with mother, so there is always Sunday night at the

London Palladium, why not search some up yourself if your interested

in watching some

Love from snowdrop

p.s Happy Easter!xxx

Well there you have it guys , our Easter Special , please to comment below if you enjoyed it as it will encourage us to do more "special" Articles such as this one for other events)! We have said everything from how to make presents and cards for Easter to fashion tips and fabulous films to watch!! We all hope you have a lovely Easter and hope you enjoyed our Easter special, Don't forget to show us your support by Commenting below, We would love to know what your plans are for Easter too!! Don't forget to support us on Facebook, twitter and/or Stumble Upon for more information on how to find us : Visit our "Get in Touch" Page!!

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Thank you for Reading and From all of us here and Vintage Country Rose , have a lovely Easter!! x x x

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