Monday, 8 April 2013

Space...How to use it?? x

Hey Everyone!! I Hope your having a great Half-term, i know i am! Sorry we haven't updated the blog , since Easter but i hope that has given you a chance to explore old articles!!

Today's article is about Space! When designing any room , you must factor in space as a main thing. People say the more space the better , but i think that more space equals more gaps to fill and you can often get the "Over the top" affect. Small spaces can also be a challenge but with the right ideas and a lot of enthusiasm, small spaces can often look nicer, in my opinion, than bigger spaces. Shabby Chic designing is about feeling fresh, feeling relaxed and feeling free, but space isn't the key to that...

You will notice that in Shabby Chic interior , carpets aren't often  used normally floor boards or tiles depending on the room. This creates and open airy feel as supposed to the carpets which suggest a more cosy , sitting by the fire with a cup of tea, vibe. You may say well that vibe sounds nice and yes i will agree it does , but Shabby Chic is about being open and if a room in open it looks bigger than it may actually be.

When applying furniture to a small room you must always think necessitous for example a bedroom, furniture you must have is a bed and then storage in which ever form you wish , Chest of Draws, wardrobe etc... then there is the things that may be nice to have for example a bed side table, or a dressing table, or blanket box. You can't have all these things without it looking crowded, so you must pick and choose!  

As i have said soo many a time accessories can make or break the room, they are my favorite things by far!

I have soo many articles about each of the subjects i have talked about, that unfortunately often get forgotten as they were wrote in 2012 , so i do hope everyone remembers that when designing a room , my tips are found throughout all my articles. Here are some links relevant to this article you may want to check out:
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I hope these articles help, And don't forget to check out article from 2012 from The Country Rose and Snowdrop too!! Thank you For reading 
                                                              Much Love Buttercup x x x

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  1. I love this blog, thinking of redecorating my house soon, as I have a new arrival on the way : A bouncing baby boy!
    And as a single mummy, I want to have a new project. Thanks for the ideas,
    meg x

  2. Aww ,how cute , Love it and you're welcome for the ideas , if you have any questions please ask, have fun decorating you're room!! Buttercup x x