Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Vintage books with Snow Drop!

Hey blog readers, I haven't done a blog since Easter so I 

apologies for that , sorry! 

Today's blog is about vintage 

books, as usual I'm going to give suggestions on what to 

read and you can search up some yourself if you like the 

sound of them!

Firstly, there is a book called "Frances and Bernard." 

Two writers, one friendship, and an 


correspondence. A glittering, smart and 

sassy debut of 

love, literature and letter writing. I highly 

recommend it. 


Secondly, is a book called "Pride and Prejudice" 

This book was written by Jane Austin who has written 

many books like Pride and Prejudice, its about a family of 

five girls and how they are 

brought up to find marriage and quickly so! However the 

second eldest daughter Elizabeth Bennet has different 


I hope you look into the books I have recommended and 

will perhaps look up your own 'Till next time, Bye for now

I won't be writing a blog for some time now as I'm 

trying to improve on school work at the moment much 

love Snowdrop xx

Pictures are from Google. We have no ownership or copyright over these letters. All copyright belongs to and the original owners.


  1. dont see why snowdrop blogs they barely blog anyway

    1. I don't blog much because I do other things too, my life doesn't revolve around the blog. I contribute when I can and believe it or not its quite hard trying to find things left to blog about :/

      ~ Snowdrop xx

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  3. Nice article, enjoyed reading this

    1. Thank you :)

      ~ snowdrop x