Friday, 2 August 2013

Outdoor Vintage Signs! Give it a try?

Hello everyone!
Well the time has come for everyone to start enjoying their summer for real! Stress and Care free!

I once did an article called "That Cute Little Touch"  , Well now it is time for that Outdoor cherry on the top!

You can get so many different types of signs all with cute messages, nouns or sayings on! You can personalize them to.
Like this one...
Haha, what a classic thing to say!

How cute is this , use stencils to create that gorgeous touch!

Want to make some gorgeous signs yourself?
Why not give it a go?
Heres what you need to do..

What you will need...
~You can make or buy these , here is a preference to buy 
 This letter stencil is elegant and sweet and you can use them more than once too!

~You simply need a bit of wood, doesn't need to be completely smooth either, a little rough will make it that extra bit authentic. ~Here is an example~
This is simply the perfect texture!
~Some paint to paint it over with, can just be rough , care doesn't matter as much for the shabby chic look! ~For Example, Click here~

~You may want another stencil of a rose or something , as an extra little touch! Or maybe make one like this! 

~String or Ribbon! Just something to hold the sign up! Unless you are nailing it to a door or wall.

What do you do?
Well this is as simple as 1,2,3,4
1.Paint the piece of wood with your chosen colour and leave to dry!
2.Carefully paint on the lettering using the stencils
3.Add on any extra little Touches , For example: The Rose!
4. Add the string/Nail it to the wall or door!
And their you have it soo simple to do! Great for a rainy day! 

Well their you have it, I hope everyone is having a great summer so far! 
Much Love to you all, Keep looking for any picture updates :) Much Love to all, Buttercup x

Pictures are from Google. We have no ownership or copyright over these letters. All copyright belongs to and the original owners.


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  2. I really like your vintage signs and glad to see them in use.You did a fabulous job.