Thursday, 15 August 2013

Tangalooma Resort

Tangalooma Resort 
So im back from Australia now, and wanted to tell you about my stay on the beautiful Tangalooma Island resort!

The staff and workers are all very friendly and informative, its beautiful to see how much they care about the animals, and about you having the best trip you possibly can. 

The staff organize over 40 free activities including talks about the animals, Helicopter workshops, water and land sports for everyone to enjoy and a free catamaran sailing lesson! Which means you can have amazing new experience completely free!

Tangalooma resort is home to thousands of species of wildlife and marine life, giving its guests an opportunity to see animals such as dolphins, pelicans and whales of many kinds, in their natural environment.

 These animals are free to come and go as they choose, and the whales and dolphins in particular like to come here to show off.
You can ever feed the wild dolphins at night! These gorgeous creatures have a history of coming to the resort, right back to the grandmother of the dolphins.

 Her family still come every night, even bringing there babies!
All of it is cruelty free, as the animals are not owned by anyone, but instead choose to arrive. The marine biologists have helped many of these dolphins, who have been sick or injured.

The wrecks are incredibly beautiful.Even if you do not wish
snorkel them, then you can go on a walk along the beach
and see them from the shore- for free!
The most amazing thing about Tangalooma resort is the activities on offer. Well worth the extra money, the include;  Snorkeling the wrecks and seeing all the different species of fish, Plant life and the occasional beautiful Turtle or Shark ( don't worry! This type of shark is adorable and is no danger to people), watching the humpback whales from a ship as they travel across the sea for their great migration and taking photographs of these magnificent creatures. Or for the more adventurous try Sand-boarding down huge sandunes at 60mph.

You do not even need to be a good snorkeler  or even a good swimmer! The instructors will ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe time. 

The accommodation. 
Tangalooma resort offers many different forms of accommodation including Hotel rooms,Private Villas, Resort rooms and Luxury apartments. So whatever way you wish to enjoy your trip, you can stay in style. 

Visit the website here! 

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