Sunday, 11 August 2013

Flourish of Flowers

Flourish of Flowers!
Hello to you all! I hope everyone is having a great summer!
Now i am not the biggest fan of Gardening myself, but i love pretty Gardens, i think they really have character and are worth all the hard work!

Every Gardener will agree with me that the flourish and the burst of colour comes from the gorgeous flowers and that summer is the perfect chance to embrace the beauty of them!
When you plant a flower, given that you look after it, it will live for a long time! That means that every year around spring/summer time (depending on the flower) the plant will burst into bloom and spread a happy atmosphere through your garden.
Flowers aren't that expensive either, lets take a look at some flowers from some local garden centres in Norfolk.

A trip to the Garden Centre , although some may not admit it, is a lovely thing to do.
Lets take a look at some Lovely Garden centres that I personally recommend having been their myself

Bawdeswell, This is a sweet garden centre, with the cutest tea room and lovely book section too! Look at its flower of the month, This will bring a splash of colour to any Garden surely! For more on Bawdewell CLICK HERE!
A flower just on its peak of bloom!
Emcy Garden & leisure Ltd. in Holt. This is a place I used to visit all the time as a child. It has a nice range of flowers and could easily supply everything you need for a Garden turn around this summer. They are so friendly , their lovely website even has tips on how to grow your own! They supply feeding for animals (as shown on the website) and a great range of garden tools and materials! Here is a Photo , taken from their website of one of their plants! Want to find out more? CLICK HERE.
Spring Blossom
What a lovely photo!

Taverham , nursery and Country Shopping Centre! This is a great day out for the family. With so much to explore, Plants, garden furniture , fish and general country shopping. I may also add that in the winter they supply lovely Christmas decorations. With a lovely tea room and so much to explore! Here is a picture of some gorgeous flowers taken from their website, To see the website , CLICK HERE!
How sweet!

Fakenham Garden Centre. This is a sweet Garden Centre, full of plants, garden tools and materials, outdoor furnishings and the best of all, Pets and Aquatics! Fish,Rabbits,Guinea pigs, i simply love to look around, they also supply everything you need for your pet with a wide range of fish tanks, hutches, dog/cat beds ect...
Below is a picture taken from their very own website! It stocks homeware , gifts ,clothing and accessories too! For more CLICK HERE!

Fish Life!
Well they you have it just a quick glimpse at a few Garden centres around Norfolk.
So pop down to your local Garden centre or DIY store today, grab some beautiful flowers , and get planting! This lovely weather doesn't last long, Let the Garden parties and BBQ's begin!! We would Love to hear about your summer adventures on our Facebook page! (CLICK HERE)

Thank you very much for reading lovely's , See you soon , 

Much Love, 
Buttercup x

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