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Colour your hair Naturally!

Hey guys, 
Recently I decided that I wanted a new hair colour, but wanted it to stay natural.Im not an overwhelming fan of using hair dye, as im a pretty spontaneous person, and know that i'll be unhappy with the results in a few weeks, and its also not very good for your hair! I had already heard of some of the common , popular ones like using lemon juice, but seeing as their is pretty much no sun in England, and I can't be bothered to wait till summer, I wanted things I could do any day, and henna : Where on earth do you buy that from? So I decided to try some new ways of dying your hair , without nasty chemicals! So here are a list of some of the ways, while still keeping that natural finish.

The Country Rose 

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1. Coffee! ( To Darken) 
Yes, you did read that right! You can dye your hair naturally a few shades Darker with coffee. I myself am planning to try this look. 

And its pretty simple too. Continue to use this look until your happy with the colour. But personally if your going for the natural sort of look, i would do it twice or three times.Lasts until you stop doing it basically. And totally does not damage your hair! Brilliant :) 

You Will Need : 
- A sink
- Cup
- A strong cup of black coffee ( Or if you want
a lighter look, go for a lighter colour coffee,
 but know that this will not be as affective or noticable.)

Instructions : Brew some nice strong coffee : Preferable a strong brand. Leave it black, and give it time to cool.Pour into the sink.

Brush your hair thoroughly , as this will make it easier for the colour to soak in.Soak and massage it into your hair for fifteen minutes( More if you desire more noticable results)

And leave it in your hair for another fifteen minutes or so.You can keep your hair in a clip or band, but don't wrap it in a towel, because this will absorb all the coffee!

 Rinse hair with warm water.

Tip : If you are a light blonde the results will be more dynamic and dramatic! Test the colour on a small section of your hair first.

2.Honey ( Lightener) 
Honey can do this because of the peroxide it releases.And its very easy, but the downside is that it takes a while for the results to show.

Add some honey to your conditioner every time you condition, and you should notice results in a few weeks or so.

3.Carrot and beet juice! ( Red)
Don't want to use henna for a redish tint? Carrot and beetroot juice can add the same affects to your hair.

Instructions : Mix half a cup of beet juice to half a cup of carrot juice .Pour this over damp hair and dry your hair for about thirty minutes.Leave the rest to dry naturally.If your not satisfied with the intensity of the red, repeat the application for a few weeks.

4.Tea !

Black tea – this can act as an effective stain or dye for darkening hair. Brew a very strong mix of loose tea or tea bags with boiling water. Strain and allow to cool completely before applying to hair ensuring complete saturation.
Chamomile tea – works for highlighting fair high or for subtly lightening blond/ fair hair. Prepare as for black tea.

5.Paprica! ( Red) 
I sure know that I have some in my cupboard , so why not give it a go for reddish tints? So here is how.
Tip : Paprica gives particularly good results with Rose hip tea. ( or make your own with rose petals and boiling water).

Make a paste using the paprica, either mixed with the tea, or with just water. Comb it into your hair.

6.Coco- powder! ( Darker) 
This is really cool , and I know I have some coco powder somewhere, so its easily do-able too! 
Instructions :
Take half of your normal shampoo , and fill the rest of the bottle up with coco-powder. Mix well. Use like normal shampoo. Three times should do it ! ( More if you would prefer a darker colour)

Vinegar and soy-sauce!
Both of these are things that I always have at home, and its so easy to do.
Make a mixture of both Vinegar and soy-sauce and use it as a conditioner when you shower! Leave it in for 2-5 minutes, and rinse it out.

Thankyou for reading! Protect your hair this year, switch to a natural dyer instead
Remember to use these things with caution if you have light hair, as these are generally made for people with darker hair. But many such as the Camomile tea and Honey are suitable for all hair colours! <3 

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Tea , just like coffee, can also dye your hair.

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