Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hey Snowdrop Back again x

Hiya Guys,

Today i'm gonna write about vintage celebrities! We all love 

the celebrities Marilyn Monroe , Elvis Presley and all the
other fab famous and fantastic people! I'm going to base this 

on my favorite celebrity, Miss Marilyn! Sexy, beautiful and a 

tough loving queen. She inspired and captured the hearts of 

many people! 

But we have to remember what makes a celebrity? Good 

looks? Money? Fame? Or the love of your public? 

You Decide

Love From,

Snow Drop

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  1. She woz just a sex symbol!!! Why do people idolise her

    1. because she was beautiful and more importantly: She was amazing at her job , Acting.This is the main reason she is idolised. Its also because her quotes really help to inspire us all , maybe google some?

  2. Something she has said influences my life and the way i think for the better " Everything Happens for a reaso" It is a positive message we all can learn from but next time if you don't mind keep those sort of comments to yourself this blog is all about being positive thank you kindly... Buttercup xxx