Thursday, 3 January 2013

Snow Drop Vintage cars!! xx

Vintage cars…

I apologize first for the lateness… it being Christmas and all!I don’t know much about cars so you’ll have to forgive my vagueness on this particular blog! Im gonna keep this blog short and sweet so people don’t get bored of me rambling, all of my blogs are going to be done like this so I hope you enjoy my short blog on vintage cars!....
many people have different opinions of what a vintage car is, some people think it could be the type people like to go to a wedding in, and they go for the black or white colour scheme, although some people think or vintage cars being like old race cars like the one in chitty chitty bang bang!
but what people have to remember is sometimes its not the cars that’s important… it’s the driver!
With love,fromSnow drop!

  British Vintage car!
  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car!!


  1. love thes cars! Keep up the good work girls xxxxx

  2. Thank you soo much we really appreciate it ) xx