Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wallpapers :) xx

Hey everyone  , Its buttercup here sorry updates are less regular now but we all have been very busy recently. Today i am talking about wallpapers. In my eyes the wallpaper is the one thing that you can splash out on a bit so today i am going to put some wallpaper designs together with some paint to show you that it doesn't cost a lot to go shabby chic!

You see the way i see it the main influence when you transform a room is the paint and wallpaper. Later on (maybe in a different article) i will show you my dressing table which i made as i am transforming my room shabby chic style, i hope it will encourage others to do the same. As i have said before it doesn't have to cost a fortune to shabby chic your room it took me one small pot of paint for my dressing table and chest of draws. I have now started to search for my luxury wall paper. I have always been a massive fan of Cath Kidston and you may be thinking but i thought we were trying to keep the cost down. Well as i say the wallpaper is the thing that clearly says what design genre you went for be it modern, casual, shabby chic etc..

Now baring in mind that i am basing mine on a feature wall layout the average room would need about three rolls of wallpaper. This is my actual wallpaper in my room right now! I really LOVE it , it is so sweet, and full of colour. You can get it in two colour's, off white and blue.

Birds & Roses Wallpaper

 Below is the link that will take you straight to it so you can see it in green! It is a Cath Kidston and it is my favorite out of the range currently on the website.   Cath Kidston   (click link)
It is £25.00 a roll with postage and packaging varying from £3.95-£10.00 ( this price includes international deliveries)

My next one shall be selected again from the Cath Kidston range it is again £25.00 and p&p rates the same it is also in duck egg blue and again the link will be below :)

This Gorgeous Rose wallpaper , is a burst of colour and passion!

Now the last one i shall select will not be from Cath Kidston but from a A cute UK wallpaper website

At Only £6.99 a roll :)

I Just love the contrast of the two patterns floral and dots

So they you have it be it designer brand or not you can have a room that looks amazing :) Watch this space for my next article which is proof of my attempt to shabby chic furniture . Hope you liked it , Buttercup x

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