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Beauty Products not worth the hype

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Beauty Products not worth the

These products may still work for you, but when we tested them we didn't think they were up to the standard. 

1. Barry M Dazzle Dust
Im not sure quite when I started to hear about the dazzle dust, but at the beginning of the Barry M Craze, they appeared out of no where. 

When I actually used it, I must say I was not impressed. Firstly by the amount of mess that it caused. Maybe it was the way I applied it, but I just remember having to clean up so much glitter after woulds, off of my ; Hands, Mirror, Floor and Face. 

I felt it looked too harsh, somehow latched to the creases in my Eyelids ( Even using a good primer!) and the fallouts were just ridiculous. 

2. Colour Unlimited Lip gloss
Apologies for bad picture quality :-)
 These lipglosses came about in a sudden Burst of "Bright Lip fashion". Lots of videos were made, featuring them. In all of these videos, the women seem really impressed with the lip glosses. 

For me, they were too shiny. I felt they were just siting on my lips. Shiny lips are pretty, but when they look overboard, gooey and sticky.. that's when its too far.

A minor critisism, is that is smelt funny. Im not sure what of.. but I just know that I didn't want to put it on my Lips.

3. Revlon Colourstay Whipped Creme
This product really made an impact in the Vlogging community, so many videos feature this Foundation. Describing how light, and easy to apply. 

Whereas on my skin I found it Heavy. Perhaps I applied it wrong. My skin is also very oily on my T-Zone, so it made my face shiny. So for £12.30 I think I will pass on this one. 

Its not something I would buy again, that's for sure. But maybe Im just applying it wrong, and helps? Whats it like for you?

4. Revlon Lipstain 
Its like pick-on Revlon day! Sorry Revlon, but this product wasn't worth the hype either. 
I have heard so very much about lipstain's. So.So.Much. 

It seems everyone was obsessed with them! I could see why, they were lighter to put on and smelt lush. So I went out and bought one. 

I found Revlon Lipstain's were too light! And quickly wore off. Even the eight hour ones faded quickly on my lips. And the moisturizing Balm did nothing to help it stay on, but simply buttered my lips. 

Although the colours had a wonderful range, I found they looked very similar on me.
On the Plus they smell amazing, and give your lips a pretty shine. But were a disappointment, and not worth all the hype that they got on the Web.

5. All-in-One BB Cream.
From The Body shop.
B-B cream is big at the moment! And although others have worked for me, the one from the Body Shop was such a disappointment. 

I personally love the body shop, but this realisation made me realise I should shop around more for beauty products. I found this BB cream advertised so often, and hurried off to the shop to buy it!

But when I finally got round to using it, it was average. It didn't provide that much coverage for me,so I found myself applying Foundation, Concealer and SPF products. The lacking of Sun Protection irritated me. Its still a good coverer, but its not a one-step and out the door Item - Which the Hype showed it to be.
And at the time priced at £20... boo :(

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