Monday, 20 May 2013

Yoga, The benefits

A pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream
Who can resist? 

Hey guys! 
This Year ( Like everyone else) decided I would try and be healthier.. and its only may and already I am scoffing tubs of Ben and Jerry's. 

But there is one form of excersize I have been able to stick with, half because of the benefits I feel and see every day, But also the calming feeling you get. What is this magnificent thing you ask? 

Yoga my friend! The benefits really are endless. 

It really is an Old art, hense the "Vintageness". 

- Yoga helps to Enrich you not only in Body, But also Mind and Spirit. 
- It originated in Ancient India
- It helps Encourage you to fulfilling  your goals, and therefor is very Interdependent : Even if your doing it with a Friend or a Group.
- You can start whenever you want, Either at Home or at a Yoga Centre or Fitness Centre.
- It can really relax you, especially when your angry.
Yoga classes, not as awkward as you would

Things to Encourage you to do Yoga!
Get a friend to do it with you, doubles the fun. But you also have the great self-achievement!

Start small ~ Don't Push yourself to hard at the beginning, and respect your boundaries.

Get Some to teach you ~ Get someone you know to teach you Yoga, cheaper than hiring a teacher. 
My Favorite Yoga-Mats ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Here are some of my Favorites, To get you in the Zone.    
Its nice to have some lovely equipment to get you in                    
the Sporty Mood!    

Londsdale ~ Cheap and Simple.                                                                                                                                     
I got mine for a Bargain      
of £15.99

EveryDay Yoga ~ Comfortable, Amazing Quality

£69.99, More expensive
But Worth it.

Will now just leave you with one last thing, a quote from Someone Else. I hope it helps to push you to try new things. Thanks for reading. Follow us on twitter @VCountryRose. 

Life Beings at the end of your Comfort Zone.

CountryRose x x x

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