Saturday, 4 May 2013

Vintage Photoshoot 31st Of May!

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Langton, North Yorkshire Become a fan on facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hello everyone!

thanks again for the overwheing support we have been getting on Twitter (@VCountryRose )and on Facebook.

If you follow us, which you most definately should, Then you will already know the fabulous news we are about to share with you.

We are doing a Vintage Photoshoot! On the 31st of may, and will post all the beautiful pictures on here for you to see! Thanks everyone for the offers but we now have enough models and photographers.
The theme for this shoot is a mixture of Festival Fashion, Classy Garden parties, and Long Summer days. All of the things that make summer so pretty.

Lots of organising has to be done before the 31st. We would really appreciate any Advice and Support. But excitement levels are high in the VintageCountryRose offices!
If you want to give us any advice or suggestions comment or message us on Twitter or Facebook.
If you want to get in touch for Business Reasons email us at
~ The team x x x
VintageCountryRose co

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  1. awesome, post the pics soon as you can. Love it

  2. the pictures will be so beautiful, found you on stumble upon made my day x

  3. really well written article, and very easy to get in to. Remember this blog when it just started, definately saving it on my bookmarks

  4. omglovesmodelling8 May 2013 at 11:00

    can I model plsss?

  5. foundthislinkonasksoclickedit8 May 2013 at 11:08

    this is actually good stuff.