Monday, 13 May 2013

Cutie Cushion Covers and Tie-Dye!! x x

Cutie Cushion Covers!!
Get Stuck in!!  Today i will talk about another fun activity that is productive and fun!! It saves money and is a lovely thing to experiment with and explore textures and patterns with friends or family, a great family activity for a rainy day!!

You will need:

Other accessories: E.g ~Buttons~

This activity can take up to an hour. But if you hand sew it could take longer, by hey-ho it is all part of the fun , right guys?? ;)

~Cut you're material (to the size wanted from you're cushion) you need one square piece for the front of your cushion and two rectangular ones for the back (Tip- The two rectangle should both be equal to half the size of the square front) This should leave you with 3 pieces ... Correct?? haha

~Cut and fit the viola to each piece of material, and iron it into place

~Next you need to pin the pieces together so that the two back rectangles slightly overlap to the front square piece of cushion!!

~ Sew all the pieces together ,with you're sewing machine, 

or by hand!! 

~This next step could be done by ribbon or zip, the ribbon is easier so that is what i will tell you...

Attach ribbon to each side of the split in the back to creat a seal for the cushion!! Fold over the ribbon and pin it to the rectangular material , then stitch it on (by hand or by machine). Do this with two bits of ribbon on atleast two or three poiints on  the cushion. You should do this with buttons or ribbons or even a zip, so have fun explore and experiment with it!!

~Put the cushion stuffing in and tie up the cover!! There you have it!!

But what about spicing it up with a tie-dye design!! Give that burst of summer!! 
For £16.67 you can add that extra color, and brightness, i have made a tie-dye cushion too!! 

I would Love to say a big Thank you for all our viewers support!! It means so much!! Thank you , Hope you enjoyed this article, if you have any ideas for new articles or have any questions please comment below, i would also love to see some cushions, i would love for them to be posted on our Facebook page!! 
Thank you so much guys, Much Love Buttercup x x 

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