Thursday, 18 July 2013

Taking interior Out Doors x

Hello Guys, Today i am blogging once again, a proper interior blog this time, it has been so long! Hope you are all having great summers too! Today i am going to show you my favorite top 10 shabby chic vintage outdoor photos!

Number 10 ...
10:I love how the colour all co-ordinates , what a lovely meal you could have here! Just sets the scene perfectly!

8: Love this , feels so refreshing and really brings
out spring and freedom!
Number 9 and 8!
9:Again, how cute is this? LOVE the bird cage so much!

Number 7 and 6!

7: Sorry this is a little blury , but it is lovely
and just proves that those little vintage touches
are all worth while!

6:This is a cute ,relaxing lay out with neutral
colours blending in with the
gorgeous floral pattern!

Now for the TOP 5!!
5: This is soo cute with all the florals and gorgeous
patterns!! Love it!

 4: Love this soo much! Note the lace pattern on the hammock! 

3: This is soo cute! Just that totally gorgeous garden all round style!
2: soo cute , Love the Shabby Chic furnishing Pieces!

And Last but by no means least .. NUMBER 1!!

I simply LOVE it just ... wow .. i couldn't have done anything better myself... It us just soo cute and rustic!!

Well, I hope you liked it, thank you soo much for reading!! Don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter and message us telling us all about your plans for the summer holidays! Hope your gardens look as great as these ones.. wish mine did!! Lots of love to you all, thank you for all your support so far! PLEASE share this blog because we have almost reached our target for the end of the year (view wise) and would be great to finish it as early as we can, feel like such an achievement! Much Love to you all, Thank you again for reading, Buttercup :) x

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