Wednesday, 10 July 2013

5 minute Summer Hairstyles

Hair has never been so simple to style with these Simple Summer Hairstyle. Wonderful for the beach,festival or night out!
( Or just for lounging about
at home. We won't tell!)

All modelled by my wonderful friend @Rikykaiu33 from Youtube. So check out her channel!

1.Straight sleek ponytail

Start off by putting your hair into just a regular ponytail about 10 centimeters above the back of your head and tie it with a hairband. Then take your straighteners and straighten small sections of the ponytail until it is straight, pin back any bangs with a bobby pin that matches your hair colour and your done!

Top tips!
~Straighten in sections for a more straight look
~ Use hairspray on fly-aways!

2. Fishtail plait
Brush all of your hair so it is resting on your back and separate into two even sections, it is quite important they are equal.
 Get both sections in either hand and rest one section on the fingers of the opposing hand. Take a small clump of hair from the outer site of the section and cross it over the section you got it from and underneath the other, doing the same for the other side. 

Repeat this process until you have reached the bottom of your hair, if you have layered hair this may be a bit more difficult. 

The smaller the sections the better the effect, but this is up to you! Tie the end with a clear or colored hairband similar to your hair colour and you're finished.

Top Tips!
~ Style up your fish-tail plait by incorporating a ribbon or bow!~ So cute!
~ Experiment with lengths, and also which side you want the fishtail plait to be on!

3. Volumed Quiff

Brush the front section of your hair back (including bangs if you have them) and get some bobby pins. Pull it back so the hair is flat and push it up slightly before pinning it. 

That's all there is to it! Hairspray if needed.

Top Tip!
~  putting hairspray on your finger then smoothing your hair to tame all of those annoying flyaway hairs really helps!
~ For more volume, use a voluminous spray or back-comb.
~ Use a salt spray to create wavy curls, that go perfect with this look!

4. Top Knot 
Simple for any occasions, and always chic!

Tie your hair into a high pony tail and take a small or medium sized donut (depending on your hair length) and place it over the ponytail, so your hair is in the middle of the donut. Wrap your hair around the outside of the donut and bobby pin it into place. 

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  1. is the model that person's youtube channel you advertise?she should blog for you if she appeaes this often!love you girlsx x

    1. We Love our followers too! and she has enough on her plate with her amazing channel :) xx