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Interview Time with LadyBug Chronicles!

Interview Time! With…
Fashion Style :  Don’t like to follow a particular style of fashion. I can tell you that I love '50s frames, '80s clutches, '60s dresses and makeup or '70s wooden shoes, but that doesn't mean I have to stick with one idea at a time.
Motto : mix designer or 
high street clothes !
Idols :  Style wise, so many.
 But just idol wise,Prince!   
Fashion Icons : Alexa Chung,
Edie Sedgwick, Frida  Kahlo ,
 Grace Jones, Felicity Jones and more.
Makeup Faves : Can’t make a step without my Chanel rouge
 allure red lipstick and Dragon nail polish 

Hello readers!

I got the amazing opportunity                                          of having an interview with Vintage Blogger Angela,from The LadyBug Chronicles! If you haven't already seen her blog, read it here at The LadyBug Chronices.

Her blog is a wonderful Vintage blog that is such an inspiring and interesting read. What makes this Vintage Blog one of my favorites, is the Photography. Each photograph feels like a personal connection with you.

Blogging Questions...

 Hey Ladybug Chronicles! I’m a massive fan, and its wonderful to be able to do this interview. Let's start with, When did you start Blogging?                                

I started blogging almost two years ago, but the idea had been bubbling within me for years before I found the courage to start it for real. I think that this courage came from what I was living at the time. I was spending my life in a small touristic village, doing a job that I didn't enjoy and felt like I was really wasting my life and time.

TLC_7285I agree, an always similar routine can get incredibly boring. How did your Blog help you get out of this stage in your life?

The blog became my opportunity to feel like I was contributing something important and entertaining. It allowed me to express my creativity and connect with the world I wanted to live in, and it became the first move toward what I wanted to do in my life. Not to mention KNAGUI who was and continues to be an important cheerleader in my life. He wouldn't stop encouraging me to "step into my destiny." All in all, the blog brought me luck, but I didn't know at the time!

Has Blogging always been an idea you want to pursue then? Have you always Enjoyed Writing?

Well; I decided to blog, but I could have expressed myself in different ways. I've always journaled  and written personal notes, but to consider that as "writing," I wouldn't go that far.  At the same time, I have been published and jotted a couple ideas for novels and How-To books, but when blogging became more prolific, I found that it spoke my language of truth; so I found this medium, particularly from the aspect of immediately expressing my own real personality and ideas directly to an awaiting audience, intriguing.

 Vintage is a beautiful topic, what made you want to choose this topic?

Vintage is my passion and it has always been. I have always been passionate about old things because they give the feeling that these clothes or furniture can tell you a lot about history and their own history. 


I know right! You feel as if every item has its own history, it’s so incredibly exciting.

I realized that I had a passion for vintage while I was at University. I was in one of the most famous vintage markets in Bologna and I really felt something while trying on a '70s green suede coat! I remember going to my grandmother's (whose wardrobe I was passionate about!) with my mum in the '80s. Nona had a big box where she'd put all the clothes that she didn’t use anymore, things she might later use as dusters or cleaners for the house. I used to go to that box to pull out all those old clothes and create new ones that I could wear!


That’s so sweet! At the beginning, did you automatically know what you were doing, your very lucky if so! How was your first experience as a blogger? 

Ahh!! Absolutely not!! I really didn’t know what I was doing, where I was going and what I expected from this experience! I was completely lost, but excited at the same time. I still remember when I decided to start the blog: I created my WordPress account and I said: “Ok. And now??” If you read my first post on the blog, it explains exactly how I went from “I need to express so much about myself” to “I am stuck in front of a blank page because I don’t know where to start!” A very funny moment if I think about it now, very depressing at the time though; but again, my cheerleader became a coach and believed enough in me that I believed again and saw a light.

Please tell me more about the Events you have visited as a blogger, and any events you wish to go to

Well my blog is a bridge real to life: I've used it and I keep using it as an excuse to do things that I’ve always wanted to do. I've travelled a lot to vintage fairs and events around the world and all around Italy. I took a “vintage trip” to New York and I visited my favorite vintage fair in London (Pop Up Vintage Fairs). I've made new friends for life; and since I moved to Milan, I've multiplied the number of vintage events that I attend- many of which I only read about on Internet when I was living in Southern Italy. There are still two events that I really want to attend sooner or later: the Summer Jamboree Festival in Italy, 7 full days of being immersed in 1940s and '50s living in 2013 and the Vintage at Goodwood. Oh… and Coachella!


What social networking sites have you found worked for you? I find it tricky to choose what to use, do you recommend any In particular?

 Besides Facebook and the occasional Instagram, I'm very reluctant to the use many of the other social networks.  I haven't found a "place" for Pinterest, Tumblr or Google+ because I think that you can become a slave to them. But Twitter… it was a real surprise! I found there the best events, deals, friends and business growth opportunities. We met there too, right?!!

Yes!! Twitter is probably my favorite too, as its so easy to connect with Fans and Business colleagues. Is there any advice that you would like to give to fellow bloggers, vintage bloggers in particular?

It is the same advice that I give to my friends and it's also one of the messages that I try to give through my blog: don’t be afraid of being yourself, of coloring outside the lines, of expressing who you are even if you stand out from the mass. Wearing vintage makes you unique because you can wear something that nobody else can have. Some people are scared of that and they prefer to look like everyone else: DON’T! There’s nothing better than you! Uniqueness is the key of what we do.

Goals and Goodbyes!

What is your goal with blogging, what do you want to achieve overall?

My first goal is to keep expressing myself, telling my story and getting in contact with as many people as possible all around the world.  But more than anything I want to keep enjoying this experience, traveling a lot and buying the famous Chanel 2.55 bag that I often talk about on my blog!!

What would you like to achieve in the next couple of months?

Well KNAGUI would say more blog followers, getting to 2,000 Followers on Twitter and 1,000 Likes on Facebook because he's so proud of my truly organic growth.  I'd say having more of our "Followers" following him as we grow together. But above all, I simply want to live the dream and enjoying it all!


Thank you so much for talking to us, I hope we do many more collaborations in the future. It really has been a delight. Are there any messages you want to say to your fans?

Thank you! It was a pleasure to talk with you while sipping tea and eating these very delicious cupcakes! The message that I try to share with the world is very simple yet very complicated to achieve: think like there is no box and dress only with what makes you feel happy and really, and I mean really, be yourself. Being unique saves you from the monotony of the masses... and maybe even a police line up.

Thanks again to LadyBug Chronices for this Interview, and thankyou for reading!

CountryRose x


  1. this is a lovely interview! Very impressed

  2. wow! you guys are really getting somewhere, i remember when you first started and look where you are now! a true VCR fan here, you should do a meetup with the mashers, the ladybug chron girl and maybe more bloggers/people you work with, love you girls! i want autographs! x x