Monday, 24 June 2013

The Vintage fair!

Vintage Fairs!
As you may know the VCR Team and i went on an outing for you guys and explored a local vintage fair! We had so much fun and bought so much gorgeous vintage stuff!

There was a great variety of vintage items there to offer,  it was jam packed and I highly recommended any vintage fans to go their

I would love to start by thanking all the lovely stall holders for enabling us to share our day with you by taking a few snaps of their gorgeous Vintage collections,
Starting off today with a little exclusive from our last shoot, that hasn't been shown before!
This is a gorgeous picture and fits in with this weeks blog due to the lovely, beautiful vintage fan. It has so much detail it is simply amazing, if only we actually needed them in Norfolk.

Right first of all lets start with the marvelous collections of brooches and badges we found there! They were so gorgeous, 
 suggesting different vibes!

The delicate and elegant brooches would just make
that outfit.
How simply gorgeous

This follows on nicely to the magnificent Jewellery, the displays were gorgeous and the jewellery was to die for!

A taste of vibe and culture!
A lovely display, full of Vintage treasures!

Next up was the gorgeous crockery and ornaments! They were extravagant , so delicate,In fact words can't describe them take a look for yourself...
A magnificent Tea Party collection.

Full of wonders!

Elegantly detailed crockery

Wow! Just Wow.

Moving on to my favorite bit, the clothes section! Here are some snap shots of the team modeling some vintage must haves.
Buttercup (me) with my fabulous jumper
what an outburst of colour!

I simply adore this picture of snowdrop!
Top class vintage , I say!

More of the must have jumpers!
Us all wearing Vintage styles
Snowdrop - Jumper
The Country Rose- patterned Blue Dress
Buttercup- Silk Rose top ( Which i ended up purchasing) 

These dresses are around 1940's - 1960's , they are simply gorgeous and the detail is astonishing! Out of pure coincidence my last interior article was on the 1940's kitchen layouts!
Words can't describe!

LOVE the lace detail!
Your Big Day could not be more special in
this stunning wedding Dress!!

Now last but not least it wouldn't be one of my articles without at least on bit of furniture would it? This is a RETRO chair we found, that I fell in love with! I only wish I had it for my "Rocking it Retro" article!!
Love it!!!! :D

A MASSIVE thank you to all the stall holders , some include:
~Tracey's collectibles
~ And Loads more!
We recommend them all!!
Vintage events coming up include:
~Antiques,collectors,20th century & art deco Fair - at Gresham Hall, Holt on the 7th Of July!
~Goat lane Vintage- Quakers meeting House, Nr2 1EW Every Thursday 8am-3pm ( )
~Little Vintage Lover fair- 4th august , ( )
Heydon Village Hall, Norfolk (we are told this one is quite a treat and hope to go!)

Some Web Pages of Vintage Shops from the day

For any further information comment below or better still visit the website links given!

Well Thank you for reading today everyone! Sorry this has taken so long to upload but the VCR head-quarters have just so much to write about, we have been so busy!! Hope you enjoyed it, If you have any further ideas for any topics for anyone to write about please comment below or contact us 
I know this is different from my usual interior articles but it was a outing special for you guys, I have a lot more interior to come for you later, so watch this space!!
Thank you so much for reading my Cuties!! Much Love , Buttercup x 


  1. Such a wonderful day, that fur coat was my guilty pleasure for the day :) xx

  2. It really was ! I only Hope that people like it! :) Buttercup xx

  3. Vintage fair is good idea. people can find vintage items at one place. Nice fair.

  4. Christina Singh25 June 2013 at 10:18

    This is a very wellwritten article, big fans of you girls :)

  5. Have been reading for quite a while now, and its been fabby really! But you guys are getting so much better!

  6. Found this on stumble upon,fun to read but want to know about some more vintage fairs. I live in great yarmouth? xxxx

    1. I have looked some up online for you and this link takes you to some antique stores and buisness in great Yarmouth!! Hope it is of help!
      much Love, Buttercup x