Monday, 3 June 2013

Vintage Photo Shoot 2013!

As you all know The Vintage Country Rose Team have been working on a little something  for you all. We have worked very hard and have picked a hand full out of hundreds to show you!! We REALLY hope you like them, and would love for you too show your support by commenting , sharing and just reading our articles! Thank you so much for all your support so far, we couldn't have done it without you!
Ooh Wild Times!!

Lets start off with the good old 1960!
Oh we had such fun with the crazy outfits!!
How Good Times Fly!!

Grooving to that Music!

Peace Out!
Carelessly Dancing Away...
In Typical Vintage style , the 1940's Tea Party!
Those Saturday afternoons!
Classic Hair curled with the sides 
pinned back,
Dreams can be found!
1940's Stunner!
Relaxing in the Sunshine!

A Romantic Walk Through the Country Side! 

Ooh How cute those days were!

When life is too short!

Suave and Sophistication! 

Lazy Summer Afternoons!

The Memories that are unforgettable! 

The people you love and care for!

Friendship that lasts for ever!
Cutie Pie!!
Why hello there!
Duty Calls!

Power and Hope!

That glare of Truth!

The way you look at someone...with that hopeful eye.
Looking from other peoples perspectives! 
The Ugly Truth!

Classically Cute!

The Classic Polka Dots!
Beautifully Natural!

Dreaming your life away...

Reaching out for Hope and Trust!

That moment when everything seems to fall into place!

That one glance!
Never Forget...

That all important leap!!

Timeless from the Start!

 We Hoped you enjoyed some of these photos, please comment your favorite collection and tell us what you think!! There are still many more photos to come in other articles, so keep checking just in case!! Thank you for Reading, 
Much Love, Buttercup and The Country Rose x x x 


  1. These are beautiful, good work you lot!!!!! Want to meet you guys sooo much :-( I might be going to the Norwich Fair, so hopefully will see you there!! Want a picture and autograph from you all plsss!!! <3 Lots of lovee

  2. OMG! this was so fun! I love you girlies and guys, all are stunners! xxxx

  3. Whens the next one? <33333333333333333

    1. We are hoping to do one later on this year, perhaps even as early as september. So glad you like it x

  4. You look so good! Who took the photos?

    1. I was the photographer for this shoot, but was helped by lots and lots of other people! x

    2. They are really well taken!

  5. wow guys,you did really well all looking beautiful as always! only just got round to looking at them but everyone at school has been telling me i need to see them!;) <33333 xx -Ellie Blake xx

    Behind the scenes! xx