Sunday, 30 June 2013

Vintage Tea Rooms at the Norfolk Show!x

Hello all! 
The Country Rose and myself explored the Norfolk Show on Thursday and thought we could share bits of our day with you! There were so many lovely stall holders, but one in particular that we want to share with you is...
These people were so lovely! They run a traveling vintage tea room  It all started when the woman in charge, a lovely bubbly lady, was talking about how she hated coffee with a strong passion and want the traditional tea back! Their aim is to bring Tea Drinking back into England!!

Their bubbly team were so sweet! They were really welcoming and all gorgeous! They rock the vintage style very well, as their uniforms are pretty vintage clothes, matched with bright lipsticks!!

 Here is the lovely team! Along with myself and The CountryRose! 

 We took lots of photos so we could show you a tour around their wonderful set up!! They were amazing and let us go behind the scenes as well!! They even sang us a lovely song , Unfortunately another team member has the recording but i will hope to have it on here soon!

Lets take a look at all the cute little touches! If you are a follower of this blog and have been for a while you will know i love Cute little Touches.
Look at all the different type of tea, Really shows that tea is far from boring.

They know that no one likes waiting for their tea so they send round vintage magazines and  the staff have chit-chats with the customers. Its such a personal experience too, that we really reccomend!

The gorgeous and finely detailed  vintage crockery.


 Then there is the overall picture , I must say the interior is gorgeous and is one to add to my article about 1940's kitchens! 

Yum to those cakes!
Wow!! it is just too cute!!

 They have worked so hard towards this and I am so glad that they got this award, they all really deserve it! It was such a lovely atmosphere and if any of you are reading right now! You were all soo lovely , thank you so much for a wonderful time!

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Here is their website. For more pictures and information from them click here! It is on my favorites bar.
A quote taken from this website is: "Step back in time for a cup of the best! Tea Vintage is a travelling tearoom with a 1940s style." 
Which we all here at Vintage Country Rose Back up completely!

They really do a great job at bringing back the vintage experience, the mood and atmosphere is so jolly with authentic music and surroundings all to match the 1940's vintage theme! But not only do they do tea but lovely cakes and biscuits and proper sandwiches all made with love and care. 
We love them , so if you ever are fortunate enough to see them around then why not go in? Have a cuppa and enjoy , or why not hire them yourself, maybe you have a wedding,festival, summer ball, a birthday or any other celebration! if so book them! I highly recommend it you won't regret it! The team are lovely and what they have created is amazing! Support their blog too by clicking here 

I really can't say Thank you enough to the whole team! You were absolutely amazing and an inspiration, All of us here at VintageCountryrose wish you the very best of luck!

If you have any vintage experiences you want to share with us please comment below i would love to here from you! Also any ideas for any blogs you may want us to do!
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Thank you so much for reading , i hope you enjoyed it! 
Much Love to all, 
Buttercup x

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