Friday, 28 December 2012

Have a wonderful new year ! By the team xxx

Hey guys , 
Its your old pal country rose here to say , I want you all to have an absolutely wonderful new year. Eat lots of yummy stuff and have a heck of a fun time. 2013 is going to be wonderful.

If im totally honest , i had a really awful 2012 , so i want to have a great new year. And I want you to have one too! This isn't going to be my last post of the year , but i want to list my top ten favorite things this year! Vintage wise of course! 

1. The Body shop!
I absolutely love this shop , and im surprised i didn't shop there much , but i really started to pay attention to it in 2012. The beautiful natural lipsticks , the makeup , the body moisturizers , all wonderful and good for the planet ! A really great shop that will always stay in my favorites.

2. Rings! 
As if you couldn't tell by most post on rings , i absolutely love them .In all shapes and sizes, whether for humorous values , like my cute accessorize moustache ring , that i can't help but adore , to my FAVORITE , my topshop flower ring .

3. The Volkswagen Beetle ! 
Whether it is the old model of the beetle 
Or the newer brands ...

I can't help but love them. Buttercup would prefer one in red, Tiger-lily , My beautiful friend :) , likes them in baby pink , but I have always loved them in light tea green. What about you ?

4. Peter Pan collar tops! 
Those tops with the cute collars , that buttercup has a lot of.They really help to spruce up any plain top , and make it fashionable and modern.We at Vintage Country Rose adore.

Buttercup has this one !!!

5. Messy bun's 
You dont have to worry about how messy your hair looks anymore,  with the messy bun you can assure yourself that you always look stylish , without having to re-do your hair every five minutes. For a casual senorita like myself , this is ideal , for no stress in the mornings , so maybe you can get to school on time for once ;) Isn't that right Tiger-Lil? 

Buttercup's beautiful messy bun there guys :D She was born to be a model you see!

6. Indie Music ( YES) 
I must confess something , my dear readers...I hate pop music , and skrillex ...did i spell that right? I have no idea.I will explain why you see , they repeat the same couple of lines over and over! And dubstep is just noise! Not music at all.( in my opinion :) ) 

I love indie music , and most other genres. So im happy it was in this year , so its easier to be able to find new songs.I love the sound , and it fits vintage really easily .

7. Red Lips 
Red lips were back in this year , i do love a little pop of colour on my lips , so it was so cool! 

8. Patterned leggings
They have been  all around this year , not just in winter , but even in summer. Whether Christmas themed , with reindeer and snowmen or with aztec patterns and bold colours. They are so easily wearable , they really brighten up an outfit! 

9. Knee- high socks!
Every shape and size can appreciate these amazing wonders! With many different colours and lengths to choose  from, there is a style or everybody (: They are quirky, fun and are great for expressing individuality. 
( By the way hai ^^ I'm Tiger-lily, and I'm in love with socks (: oh and Buttercup and The country Rose  who is also elvis:- which changes everything. . . obviously (; <3) xx

10. Khaki jackets
We likey. Lots and Lots, which is all we can say. We can also say that it makes us feel powerful >:)  Mwahahahahah We shall over ride the world!! (with our AWESOMENESS, oh and with our khaki jackets ! 

Have a wonderful year you lot , and please continue to bring those ratings up in the new year. Good luck! And hope you have a wonderful time !! :D 

Love from the team ,

The Country Rose , ButterCup , Tiger-Lily and Snowdrop!

Lots and lots of hugs and snuggles ! Xxxxxxxxx

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  1. Haha Loving the messy bun!!! And my top hahaha, and the Body Shop is the most amazing brand!!!!! Buttercup xxx