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Revamping Your Room

Wanting to redecorate your room? 
 Decorating your room should be a fun task , but nowadays it can be complicated. How you want your room , and how you can decorate your room , are two different things entirely. But do you want to decorate your room in a Vintage Like Style?Here is a guide to how you can do that .Enjoy!

 "Shabby chic" Your things
This tip is quick and simple. Take some of your old furniture , or new , its up to you. Make sure its a vintage color , like a light , green , yellow , red or pink. If it isn't one of those colors , get some paint , and paint the furniture .You don't have to be a superb painter , it does matter,  as we are going to sandpaper it later. Leave it to dry for about twenty minutes , not enough time for the paint to dry completely , but to have it almost dry.This will make the paint easier to sand paper off .Only use one layer of paint , you want it to crack if possible , to make it look more old. 
Take your sand paper and you have two options here .
option one : you sand paper it roughly and fast , making to furniture like old and scratched 
Option two: you take more time with your sandpaper , making it look more cracked, and rough.
Continue to sand paper it until you are happy with the result. 

Just a simple design! 
Top tip! You could apply glue over the top of this , to keep any flakes from coming off,  or anymore of it cracking.The glue will dry and give the furniture a glossy varnish. Or you could of course , just use varnish! :)

To help decorate a cushion you have , you could make a fun cover for it .Maybe out of your old clothes that you no longer wear , or lovely material. I recommend something with flowers on , or a small printed design. Create sort of flaps at the back , so it can fit around the cushion .And ta da ! A new pillow case cover. Completely original to you !

Top tip! I know going into charity shops isn't "hip" these days , but many charity shops will have wonderful vintage style clothes , that you could cut up and use for materiel! And it saves you a heap of cash.

 Little nick knacks
This is probably my favorite part of the whole vintage look .Little decorations that you can hang up or put somewhere. I always love them.No matter how many i have , i always , always want more ! And so here are some that you can make or buy for yourself , for very little money :

Boxes : You always see those beautifully decorated boxes in cute little shops , you can always make your own for a fraction of the price ! In my family , we tend to get lots of boxes , chocolate tins , shoe boxes , Vaseline tubs , anything. You just start with one of those , and you find some material that you like , or even newspaper or wrapping paper , and you cut out some that fits your box , and glue it on , that's just how simple it is to do ! If you do it carefully enough , nobody would guess that your beautiful ornate box was handmade !

Christmas tree decorations : This may sound a little odd , but i don't understand why some Christmas decorations aren't just used as little vintage decorations. You can hang them up in just the same way! What is the difference really? Just pick one that you love , and that's small and cute . Look on Many of their Christmas tree decorations could be used as normal room decorations .Try it yourself , maybe look in that bag in the garage , or on your tree now if you still have it up , are their any you could hang up? 

Photo Frames : Many shops sell photo frames , or you may find one around your house. You could jazz one up? Buttons add a cute touch. You can get photo frames cheaply from anywhere , and they really suit the vintage theme.

Pillows as hanging decorations?! : Yes , you read it right. And now im not talking about a huge pillow , im talking about a very small one.If you have a small pillow , you can attach some ribbon to it and hang it up , done !  

One of these ornate pillows

Little things : Little decorations can really jazz up the look of your room. Do you have a brooch that you never wear? Attach it to a strip of fabric and hang it up , an instant wonder! Or use prettily decorated glasses as vases  to put flowers in. 

Bed as a centrepiece : Have your bed as the main thing in the room , and have beautiful bed covers to show it off to the max and design all your furniture around your bed .

English: A bauble on a Christmas tree.
English: A bauble on a Christmas tree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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