Friday, 28 December 2012

Top five things to think about when Designing a room.

Top 5 things to think about when designing a room:

1. Theme , Modern, Shabby Chic, Mix and Match Or something else.... maybe even a mix of everything!

2. Budget! I know it isn't nice to put a limit on what you can do but money unfortunately comes into it. But their is never a limit to your creativity and saving money is easy. Incorporate Materials you already have and use the three R's! Re-Use , Re-duce , Re-Cycle! 

3. Colour Pallet, the colour pallet effects the atmosphere of the room for instance Bright Red will be a Very Fun, Happy and energetic feeling. Where as pastel colours will add a more relaxing , calm feeling to the room! You may also have a feature wall, in which case the colours need to be picked out from that!

4. Layout, what furniture do you have to work with and how you can make everything fix together. This idea might seem intimidating at first but it does all come together easier then you would think.

5. Details, What little detailed features would you like to include , where will they go will they tie in with the colours? 

Hope this Helps you... if you have any questions please feel free to comment them below and i will try to get back to you!! Buttercup :) xxx

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