Sunday, 30 December 2012

Vintage Photographs

Oh my , 
I really love Vintage photographs  , you know the ones that are so creatively done , and so beautiful. I myself am not a good photographer , but i would love to be .So this blog article is for all people that are , or want to be, Vintage  photographers. Good Luck!
( Maybe post your pictures on here if you want , I would love to see them!) 

There are lots of things you can photograph , and make vintage. Such as landscapes , Norfolk is ideal for these. With its pretty little countryside .You simply can't get that signature English countryside look anywhere else .Nature such as trees and flowers are very often featured in vintage photographs.

A rule of vintage photography , is to opt for one or the other , very simple : i.e just one main thing in the picture , or to have lots of things , in a "cluttered" fashion. 

Many cameras , computers and phones have affects that can make your photos look vintage. But i must say i prefer the natural photos , that our taken at just the right time of the day , so they have wonderful lighting . Dawn is really beautiful for this , and so is dusk.

I always love to see pictures of people dressed in vintage clothes. It really makes my day to see someone sticking to this beautiful style. Because without people like that , the style would be gone by now.They keep the fashion alive and fresh. I love to see those photos , with the people with their bright lipsticks and big hair. Its a lot of fun to be one of those models too , so maybe you and your friends could get together and do something like that , it would be lots of fun for you all! 

So there are some ideas , i must say that i am not very wonderful with photography, but i am truly inspired by the photographs i see every day. Hope you enjoyed reading this article :) 

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