Thursday, 27 December 2012

Norfolk , ideal for Vintage

If you love Vintage things , norfolk is really a wonderful county to be in .I think something about the sea air makes people decide to make lots of little cute decorations ! There are so many little shops around norfolk , near the coast , or closer to land , all selling very beautiful little trinkets and decorations. I love all these little shops , and i have always wanted to work in one .

They all sell little hanging decorations. I love them , if you have a blank space in your house , you simple have to put up one of these , they really look lovely .

Whats more , they make stunning gifts for close friends and family .Nobody can resist the charm of a beautiful hanging decoration , im sure ! 
Another thing lots of norfolk shops sell that i love , are little signs. No matter how big or small , they are simply beautiful .

Whether they are posh little Shabby chic ones or proper old fashioned signs , they are all stunning to look at .And they make great things to talk about in your house , immediately grabbing attention. Humorous ones are even better , even if what they have on them isn't that funny.Norfolk really is the perfect place for that sort of thing .

Lately I have been LUSTING after these tremendously beautiful photo albums to but photos in , but whenever i see one in a little shop , i never seem to have money on me.But i am determined to get one , one of these days ! They are so pretty and ornate , and it would  make my pictures look even more special

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The Country Rose xxx

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  1. Love it :) Buttercup xx

  2. I think the stall in Chapelfields is really nice! I can't think what it is called!

    1. I can't remember either haha , maybe you could research it for me ?

  3. I am going to Norwich tomorrow so will find out!

  4. It is called Lisa Angel.