Saturday, 29 December 2012

Buttercup... Creating a room !! xx

Hey everyone, To show you how easy it is to put together an amazing room , without over spending i am going to create a room right now for you all to see, using as many of the top tips i have given you in other articles :) ... Today i will be creating a Living Room.

Lets put this together detail by detail...
Colour Theme: Light Blue
Wallpaper for feature wall : 
 Here is the wallpaper i selected for the feature wall a subtle blue leaf pattern! £12.99 (Dimensions in m: (W)5.2, (L)10.05)
Following on from that theme we need to pick out either the white or the blue to paint all the other walls with! I am going to pick blue to add more colour into the room.
Paint: Blue Lagoon £1.69 (per 50ml)

 The shape of the room helps make important decisions including the layout which decides what furniture we use. For this example lets picture a rectangular room.

Along the bottom we will have a corner sofa towards the left hand side!  Like this one:
 Notice we are still sticking to the colour theme! This sofa is the main feature of furniture in your room so its okay to splash out a little at £899.00 but you don't have to spend that much aslong as you are willing to shop around!

In the bottom right hand corner we shall have an arm chair, Notice that we are keeping all the furniture very neutral and we will leave the details and finishing touch to the accessories. This way if you chose to change the theme you can keep the furniture and change the accessories to suite it this will save money next time!

 Unfortunately i am unable to state a price for this piece, but these chairs don't need to cost lots... you don't need to buy it brand new you could simply buy the chair and replace the cover of it to the colour you want again saving money !

Now lets imagine the on the top long wall in the center is a lovely fireplace ...
Here is an example of what the fire place may look like:

 Obviously minus all the details in this picture however these kind of details are a good example of what you could do!

At the left end side lets imagine there are french doors that lead on to an open plan kitchen and dining room!
For Example:

the other wall shall have a window and curtains ...
For example:
You could situate a small table there to put a decoration on later for example:
as part of the details you may put a flower display or lamp on their if you want!

In the center of the room towards the corner sofa their shall be a coffee table and to the right side of the fire place a television table!

Example T.V stand: 

Example Coffee table:

this leaves us to details cushions  Lamps, Maybe even some photo frame displays (remembering the levels,sizes and colour variations that was spoken about in another article of mine :) ) 
Details is when you can really have fun here are some that i have selected: 

Hope you enjoyed creating this room with me .... if you did please comment a colour scheme below for me to create next time... Buttercup :) xxx

Pictures are from Google. We have no ownership or copyright over these letters. All copyright belongs to and the original owners.

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