Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Country Rose , Buttercup and Tiger-Lily Top 10 shops ! x

Top 10 High street shops:

1. TOPSHOP!!! We adore Topshop, it has a really nice range of clothes all in fashion! 

2. River Island! River Island also has a range of up to date clothes and accessories!! 

3. Accessorize! accessorize is the place you go to get all the accessorize you would need!

4.New Look. New Look has lots of nice clothes to mix and match with you!

5. Jack wills! Jack wills have the nicest clothes all year through... We love Jack Wills haha :) 

6. Hollister! You have got to love Hollister... Especially the perfumes!!

7. Zara! Zara is a nice shop, full of lovely clothes!

8. Primark! Primark has all the latest trends and clothes for affordable prices!!

9. H&M! You can never go wrong with H&M !!!

10. Why Not go and find the latest bargain down at T.K.Max!

Hope you enjoyed it... Comment some of your favorite High Street Shops below!!
The country Rose, Buttercup and Tiger-Lily!! :) xxxx

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