Thursday, 27 December 2012

My latest Craze

Rings !
I have always liked rings , but lately every ring i see i MUST buy! So i think that means they are my latest craze. My favorite ring , that i wear all of the time , is a pink flower , with gold ribbon design around it .It is stunningly beautiful .I always get compliments when i wear it , and my best friends always try and wear it .It must be my favorite buy from Topshop ever.

But lately I have become a major fan of Bohemian rings lately , i saw them first on Stumble Upon, which is a supremely awesome website , and no i havent been payed to talk about it. Bohemian rings can never go out of style , so elegant and gracefully beautiful , with a hint of quirk and fun : I just cant help but love them to pieces nowadays. And I really want one. Anyone can pull off a bohemian ring , and it can turn them into a natural graceful goddess. As you can tell I have just fallen head over heals for them .

You may be thinking , CountryRose , your going a bit insane , its winter , how can you wear bohemian rings , they are summery right?  Why not start a new trend ? Bringing in the elegant crystal designed rings into the winter? I say go full steam ahead with these beautiful rings.Bring on the cute rings .
Colors for these rings this season? Emerald green of course! The color set to rock the new year! Dont believe me ? Google it lovely , Emerald is set to be the new craze .But right now , my craze , is rings 

Have a wonderful holiday Chummies !
The Country Rose xxx
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