Friday, 28 December 2012

Hey Guys Buttercup and The Country Rose here here...

Just a big thank you to everyone who views our website and likes or comments on it!! We are so happy that so many people listen to what we say! If you ever do have any questions about any of our articles please comment below and we will try and comment back to you !! 

Today i don't have a lot of time to talk , however... 
If you are thinking about designing a new room, and want to emphasize a certain wall. Maybe the wall were a main feature of the room is for example in a living room a fire place.  Ever thought about using a feature wall here are 3 top things to think about if you do?

1. Does the paint for the other walls match the feature wall paper.

2. Were is your furniture going to go? How will it fit into the layout of the room??

3. Think very carefully about which wall you are comfortable with having a pattern on. 

Hope that helps anyone thinking about redecorating!! :) Buttercup xx

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