Thursday, 27 December 2012

Patchwork Quilts with Buttercup

Hey Everyone its Buttercup here again... Ever been really stuck of an idea for a gift? Or couldn't think of a theme for a new room? Well why not try a bit or everything? Well in every idea you need a place to start and what better place to start then making your very own patchwork quilt?

Patchwork quilts are a really sweet idea for a gift and is a nice thing to base a room design on. You might think but you need to think big with interior buttercup? But you don't infact stating small can be a good thing especially as its the detail that actually makes the room!
People often make patchwork quilts for new editions to the family, and as this person grows up it becomes a treasured item. Also... If you have tops that no longer fit that contain great memories why not collect them all up and create a quilt! 

All you need is a sewing machine or kit to start and you can mix and match all the way through it, make it up as you go along it is very relaxed and can be an on going project for when ever you have some time on your hands! It is something you can do with family and friends too! 

So there you have it a wonderful time filler , and something that can hold many memories to be treasured. Hope you enjoyed this article , Buttercup :) xxxxx

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  1. Quilting was often a communal activity, involving women and girls in a family, or in a larger community. The tops were prepared in advance, and a "quilting bee" was arranged, during which the actual quilting was completed by multiple people.